Avoiding the Obvious

I have a lot to write about… but I’m not going to write about it right now. I’ve been having a hard time processing the emotional side of all this, and I know that once I start writing about it it’ll all boil over… and now is not the time.

I’m doing all right, though. More or less. Body is healing. Strength and stamina are returning. Slowly.

When I don’t want to write about what I ought to write about, I tend to think about books – which is probably the most boring and neutral thing out there that I could be writing about. Now that I’ve gone back in and added the pregnancy books that I hadn’t inputted (since we weren’t telling anyone yet, and Goodreads would have spilled the beans) I’ve officially read 110 books in 2011… more to come, obviously. I wonder what the final count will look like?

I’m gearing up for my winter rush, having started two series. One, the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, isn’t likely to last me very long; there are only 6 of them so far, and I tend to tear through paranormal novels like they’re made of tissue. The other is the Kinsey Milhone series (you know… A is for Alibi, etc.) which has novels all the way through V at this point. They take me a little longer to get through, so I should be in good shape for reading this break.

I also need to read/re-read two books for my classes, so that I can put together their respective units… pretty excited for that, actually, although I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything very intellectually “tough” (including lesson planning). The books are For the Win and Little Brother, both by Cory Doctorow, and they’re for my ITE classes.

I’m putting together a Goodreads account for my classroom library… going to be a lot of work, and who knows, maybe I’ll scrap the project halfway through… but I’d like to have it. I think it’d be nice. Helpful for my students, if I could get them to actually use it. Maybe I could assign reviews…

My head hurts.

Oh – did I mention that I stayed up until midnight catching up on two weeks of grading… and the electronic gradebook has been out of commission since yesterday and probably won’t get fixed tomorrow, so I can’t update any of the grades regardless? AWESOME.

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