About DYHJ


I’m a married mama, a middle school librarian, a former high school English teacher, a bookworm, and a ginger. I’m a Fellow of the National Writing Project (Boise State chapter), a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi (Iota Kappa chapter), a semi-retired saxophonist and self-taught percussionist, and an inveterate abuser of the ellipsis and em dash. Before entering the Wacky World of Education, I worked in HR for a locomotive manufacturer, as the scheduler for a gubernatorial campaign, as a college academic advisor, and as the graduate assistant for a university marching band.

I’ve written online, for myself, for over a decade. In 2014, I was invited to be a contributor to Guys Lit Wire, a review website focusing on books for teen boys. I’ve got about 90% of a not-final draft of a novel written but am haunted by the demons of self-doubt and risk-aversion, so who knows if I’ll ever get to “The End.”

I can ice skate but can’t stand on my head. I can whistle music like a boss but can’t do a shrill “pay attention” whistle to save my life. In elementary school I memorably received failing marks in cutting and pasting and was put in a remedial physical education class because I couldn’t skip or play hopscotch. This was the same year that I was the only kid in my class who could read, so there’s that.

I’m a slightly ambidextrous INFP with a mildly debilitating chronological impairment (that is to say, I have a weak internal clock and rarely know what time it is without consulting a timepiece). I am myopic, empathic, mildly synesthetic, and moderately sensory-defensive. I have a semi-photographic memory and, despite being an “English person,” am very good at and enjoy math. Or maths, if you’re that other kind of English person.

I love animals, beautiful writing supplies and good clicky computer keyboards, disaster movies, dinosaurs, things with wings that shouldn’t have them, Dutch Brothers’s chai tea, cute orthopedic shoes (yes, they exist), teaching, mountains, hot air balloons, marching bands, and above all else, being a mom.


Did You Have Juice? got its name from a conversation with my sometimes-beloved college band director, an un-ignoreable fellow with a tendency toward bombast and, increasingly, a habit of leaping to apparently random comments and conclusions in his conversations. At the time, I was one of his graduate assistants. The night before, I had been part of a group of students who served lemonade to the band out of large orange coolers while they waited to be fitted for their uniforms. Evidently, no one bothered to clean out the coolers afterward, and the sugary residue attracted some bees.

My director stormed into my office area and, with no prologue, waved his coffee mug at me, and barked, “Did you have juice?”

I remember blinking and giving myself a few seconds to try to figure out what he meant before asking. Giving up, I said, “I’m sorry?”

“Did you have juice?!?”

I saw then that he was holding the lid of one of the coolers, and my brain caught up. “Oh — we made lemonade in one of the coolers yesterday…”

He cut me off by flapping the cooler lid in my direction and half-shouting, “FULL OF BEES!”

It was one of those moments that you can’t wait to share with your closest friends, and that never slipped far from my memory. When it came time to name my blog — a place where I could capture all of the random things that occurred to me, and where I could perhaps catalog the events in a life so heavily influenced by Captain Random himself — I knew what it had to be named.

And now you know.

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