Things I Did This Weekend Other Than Write or Grade Papers

It’s been feeling like time for a change. We can’t move right now, obviously, but we can shuffle rooms around! I’ve been kind of wanting to move our bedroom from our bedroom to the “library” for a while – I just love the log cabin feel of it. (Go ahead and gag over the wood paneling, Adoring Public – I don’t care. It’s not yours, it’s mine, and I like it. :))


sizedIMG_7164 sizedIMG_7163 

When we moved into our first apartment, our bedroom was in the basement, and we couldn’t get a box spring down the narrow, twisty stairs. We got two drawered units designed to go under waterbeds, bolted them together, and put particle board on top to create a frame/box thingy. Hey, it works! Plus, under-bed storage!

The library used to be a garage at some point in our 55-year-old house’s life. It was converted into a – what? MIL suite? – much later, and when this house was a college rental was probably used as an apartment. One of the neatest features is this built-in-bookcase, just exactly the width of a queen-size bed. What a perfect headboard, right?

sizedIMG_7176 sizedIMG_7167 sizedIMG_7192  

Because we’re now sleeping in a log cabin, a quilt seemed the way to go. Hooray Shopko for putting a pretty (not highest quality, but good enough) quilt set on clearance for $23!

After Ryan ascertained that the mattress still worked, we got Paisley and d’Artagnan to pose on the bed for blogging posterity. d’Artagnan would like to point out that he is a very attractive kitty. He would also like to point out that he is currently tucked under my arm, and that he really doesn’t understand why that should hinder my ability to type whatsoever.


Paisley approves very much of the makeshift bench – it’s a coffee table, with one of my pre-married bedspreads on it! – at the end of the bed. Despite being a poodle with the proven ability to jump chest-high, she has this idea in her head that she can’t get onto our bed. Not any other bed she ever encounters – just ours. Now she can get up on her own,  instead of scratching and waking me up twelve times in the middle of the night.


Cute webcam picture that really sums up d’Artagnan’s favorite hobbies: sitting on my arms while I try to compute, and “petting” our noses when we talk to him. He’s seriously like the most affectionate cat ever – too bad he’s also the shyest, so nobody but us will ever know…