Manic Monday

This morning, before school, I logged into my blog because there was something I wanted to write about or share. I’ve got no earthly idea what that might have been at this point.

Here, have a boring graphic:

A muscle in my back has seized up, making existing rather excrutiating – not to mention active writing-on-the-board teaching, or playing bass drum and triangle tonight. Gah. At least they haven’t asked me to do crash cymbals yet this time. I don’t think I’ve got it in me.

Okay, it’s just about time for me to teach again. Guess I ought to get to that. It’s been one of THOSE Mondays so far – the comically bad variety, not the “why did I even get out of bed” variety – and I’m hoping it improves this period. If these Advil will kick in, that’ll go a long ways toward Monday amelioration…