And Now It’s July


Boise State Writing Project was just a weeeeee bit more intensive than I’d expected, despite all the warnings… I know now why some refer to it as boot camp… We were working from 8 to 5, five to six days a week, most of us working over our lunch as well, and then going home and doing hours of homework. No sleep, no family, no anything… but what an amazing experience. Very excited for what the future may hold.

I actually have been writing a little bit. But I recently came to discover that this blog had crippled me in a way. See, when I sit down to write here, I know exactly who will be reading it. And so I’m writing “for” those people. And sometimes, that means writing from this point of view – this self-censored point of view – that reflects the person I am in relationship to each of you. And y’know, sometimes a person needs to write for herself. So I’ve been doodling a few things, some on paper, some on a separate blog that I don’t really intend to share with anyone. Not because I’m writing anything scandalous or exciting or secretive, but because I need a place to write where I can just write for myself. But from time to time, I may cross-post.

I’m fiddling around with Wyrd, btw. No timeline in mind right now. There’s a lot on my plate with planning for next school year. But I didn’t want you to think I was never going to finish it. It’s finished. I just need to transcribe it from my brain.

I’ve been reading; if you’re interested in such things, you can see my updated reading list here (italics represents “in progress”)…

Yeah; not much more to say about anything right now. Need to go do some cleaning. Talk atcha later. 🙂