Broken Beauty

Today, while driving to my folks’ house (we’ve been house-sitting) we drove past a yard with an explosion of irises, every color, crowded in the front yard behind a portable basketball hoop. After we fed the dogs and watered the plants, we walked back up to the yard so that I could get a closer look (and a few photographs). Two in particular caught my eye: shocking white, and velvety indigo.

White and Indigo

Pure  Indigo

Velvet Indigo  Angelic

This evening, after everyone got back home, I took Mom up the block to show them to her. And they were gone. At first I thought that maybe the homeowners had cut them, but when we got up closer the stalks were ragged, torn. Maybe the homeowners were just sloppy, but I think someone probably stole them.

I hope they enjoy them. They were beautiful.