(Not) Out of Print

I am going on an imaginary shopping spree and imaginary-buying myself the following things with imaginary money. Such fun!

Although, I want them all to wear to work. So maybe they would be a tax exemption? Haha!

Out of Print Clothes

I can see it now. The friendly middle school librarian rocking her hyperbole t-shirt (also comes in plot, doppelganger, and bildungsroman; the latter is probably the one I ought to have, being a youth librarian, but I just liked this design) with a date stamp fleece over it, accessorized with library card socks, bag, and coin purse. (That’s a wonderfully big tote bag, by the way. Would hold a great many books and back issues of School Library Journal.)

And of course, H needs this Little Prince t-shirt, don’t you think?


And I can polish it off with my book-lover necklace that Meredith got me, or maybe switch it up with this beautiful fairy tale necklace.