In Which We March Again

Today I’m at the 20th Anniversary Reunion of the Blue Thunder Marching Band in conjunction with Boise State’s 75 Year Anniversary and Homecoming. That’s a lot of capital letters. Reunions are generally pretty depressing affairs, if you ask me, but this is being kind of fun if only because I really know relatively few people. Twenty years worth of alumni is a lot of people to not know. 🙂

Plus, I get to wear comfortable shoes and – gasp – blue jeans! – which is nice.

There are a lot of cute band babies.

Hopefully today’s game will be more fun than last week’s. 🙂

It’s fun to play again, though. Ryan and I are skipping the homecoming parade but we’ll be marching pregame. Hopefully we’ll get some good photos….

For the win! Someone got to my blog by Googling “kappa kappa psi AEA meaning.” Hey, guess what? You’re not going to find it here. 🙂 Sorry!(Psst: it’s “American Emu Association.”)

I want to read this book. :)

hot_mama.jpgDear Civilians,

It has come to my attention there is an ongoing debate about the greatest superhero of all time. Batman. Spider-Man. Wonder Woman, Wolverine. All of them have their fans and detractors, their champions and critics.

Well, I’m here to put an end to this silly confusion once and for all. Because I’m fun, I’m fabulous, and I am the greatest superhero alive. Period.

My name? Fiera. Protector of the innocent. Superhero du jour. And all-around fabulous individual.

My powers, you ask? Superstrength, for one. And I’ve got a temper to match my fire-wielding abilities. I punch and flambe my way through the ubervillains and other evil doers who want to take over the city of Bigtime, New York.

By night, I’m also a member of the Fearless Five, the greatest superhero team ever to roam the streets of Bigtime. Right now, we’re hot on the trail of Siren and Intelligal, who villains bent on taking over the city. Not on my watch, they won’t. Also making a pest of himself is Johnny Angel, who wants revenge on the ubervillains for killing his predecessor. Angel’s not a bad guy, but he should know better than to get in my way. No matter how sexy he is.

In real life, I’m Fiona Fine, one of Bigtime’s premier fashion designers. I’m known for my bold choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns. My couture clothes, of course, are to die for.

You can read more about my adventures and general fabulousness in the latest Bigtime book from Jennifer Estep, appropriately titled Hot Mama (Berkley Trade; Nov. 6, 2007; $14; ISBN-10: 0425217345; ISBN-13: 978-0425217344).

Sweet girl, Jennifer. Although she could so use a fashion makeover. The girl is way too fond of cutesy T-shirts, and she doesn’t even own a pair of stilettos. Poor thing. She’s so misguided … 


Fiera aka Fiona Fine

Member of the Fearless Five

Protector of the innocent

Superhero du jour

As dictated to Jennifer Estep (who will never, ever wear a pair of stilettos)


Looking for a new t-shirt? Look no further than

The Young Explorers Society shirt is perfect for the armchair traveler.

Fairy tale enthusiasts will appreciate “Moral of the Story” and “Parable Paranoia”:

And if you get the pun in the next shirt, you are obviously my kind of people:

This is just kind of beautiful:


Interesting Things in teh Intrawebz

Funny… the exact same thing happened to me last time I made a handmade book! (No, really. You’ve got to watch that. Click it. Seriously.)

What a neat medium for writing!

There are, to my knowledge, two electronic collections of global libraries are gathering. The grander of the two is the Librophiliac Love Letter, collecting the “world’s most beautiful libraries.” Closer to home is Kimbooktu’s Your Home Library page, where booklovers send in photographs of their own bookspaces. I am looking forward to submitting my own picture, but haven’t yet because my library is being used as an impromptu laundry room right now. You should definitely send in a picture of yours!

Kimbooktu is also collecting links to book blogs, so if you keep one, let her know.

Craig detailMelissa Jay Craig, who makes beautiful, ethereal sculptural books, has posted her most recent work. It’s all toadstools! I’m just sort of in love… my family has always said that they found me under a toadstool, and if I were going to live under a toadstool, these would be the toadstools I would pick. 🙂

Take a minute to check out the Rag & Bone Blog’s coverage of Chris Natrop’s beautiful work, with photos.

What a nice, simple, elegant, wonderful idea: plant a tree for every book you read. It costs a dollar per book/tree.

Book Patrol shares a picture of one of the most fun bookshops I’ve ever seen.

Did you know that when you refer to something as a thingamabob, you may require a brisk soapy washing of the mouth?

Ah, what a difference a vowel makes:


For those of you who are writers, these Keyboard Characters might liven up your desktop and provide you with a little uncritical company.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Happy surfing!

In Which I Bask

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m sitting in a square of sunlight on the third floor of the beautiful new building on campus. Across from me is Ryan, all dressed up and dapper after an important meeting. I’m out of work at 3 on Mondays, and he had to take the afternoon for the meeting. Now we’ve got the next hour or so just to sit, soak in the sun (in my cold-blooded case) or the air conditioning (in his long-sleeved, walked across campus case), and catch up on things.

It’s really very nice here. There’s a quiet buzz of activity floating up from the first floor, where they’ve got surprisingly good food offerings and a coffee/smoothie stand. The furniture is all adorable, modular, and comfortable; the carpet is relatively inoffensive for what they put on campuses (same as casinos, usually) and there is glass and light everywhere. Ryan and I both are in butter yellow shirts, so we probably look like cutesy twinsies. It’s okay. Everything is kind of warm and lovely right now, and I don’t mind looking goofy.

To my right is a wall of window. A pair of crows just flew by at my eye level, and beneath me the campus is divided up into blocks of green grass and white concrete, big jade trees blotting out expanses of red brick. There aren’t many people down there right now – the next between-class won’t be for another ten minutes or so – but when they come they will come in droves. There are a lot of people on campus these days, the result of normal growth and a post-Fiesta Bowl enrollment boom. Don’t laugh – it really happened. Numbers skyrocketed last January.

Lots of good people-watching here.

This is a good feeling. Sitting here, in this shiny new building (it’s a classroom building, but made to function and feel a lot like a secondary student union) I feel young again, like a sophomore or junior, just starting out on this whole college thing. I’m sitting here with Ryan, and I remember sitting in the SUB planting the seeds of a chapter and – although we didn’t know it – a marriage. Now we’re here on the other side of the equation, and yet there are more seeds, more auspicious beginnings.

There are clouds in the sky, but they are faint and wispy and manageable. The greenness is much closer and more real.

In Which It’s Now September

My laptop finally arrived! Thoughts:

  • I hate Dell. I really do.
  • I love my computer, though.
  • Even though it isn’t anywhere near as brown as I was led to believe.
  • But it’s this really gorgeous copper-brown subtle color.
  • The inside? With the keys and stuff? SO pretty. Everything’s silver, no black.
  • I’m a real keyboard snob, and this keyboard is AWESOME. The touchpad mouse is actually usable, too! I can get by on this without a wireless mouse for quite a while, I think.
  • Can’t quite figure out how to make the webcam work.
  • Vista is weird, but I think I like it.
  • Office 2007 is REALLY weird. But I think I’m (going to) like it.
  • Oh, man, it is SO nice to have a laptop again. I feel like I might actually catch up on my e-Life again. You know how long it’s been since I posted on this blog, but did you know how long it’s been since I read any of my sites/comics/etc. or caught up on email? Ye gourds.
  • Dell didn’t send my laptop case, but it should be here Monday. That’ll be nice; the bag I’m using right now is not designed for a computer, and really hurts my shoulders.
  • Note to self: check out the speakers.
  • Came with nice headphones.
  • Still hate Dell.

I’m working at the high school as an “intern teacher” and have been steadily getting more integrated into the classroom. I’ve had the chance to lead the class a little, and I’ve had a few amazing adventures in other peoples’ classes that you can read on my teaching journal. (If you’re reading this, and don’t know where my teaching journal is, contact me…)

The football season is off and running. I have no comment on the Washington game, except BLAH. However, this does mean that my job at the band office is also off and running, and that’s its usual mixed bag. I LOVE working with the kids, but there are other aspects that are rather challenging for me. I think that the good things will continue to outweigh the bad for the short semester ahead of me, and then I’ll have another set of problems when I can’t work at all! Hooray.

Ooo! I got my hair cut. Feels GREAT.

This is so stupid – I never intended for this to be a newsletter blog. I’m going to make a really earnest attempt to write decent posts for this site again – in fact, I may go to my “private” journal and see what I’ve written recently (not much) that might could be recycled. I haven’t had time to write ANYTHING lately, but I can do better.