Four Years

(I was going to make some sort of political joke with the title of this post, but couldn’t quite make it work this early in the morning.)

As of today, my amazing husband and I have been married for FOUR YEARS. This seems extraordinary to me in so many ways, not the least of which is the fact that I have been lucky enough to find, catch, and keep a man who puts up with – even enjoys! – my weird quirks, habits, passions, and thought patterns, and that he is still my best friend.


Happy Anniversary to the love of my life and the best friend any girl could ever have. ❤

PS I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge that today is our first baby’s birthday. Happy #3, d’Artagnan! 


Have you ever needed to write in pen but couldn’t fight the urge to write in pencil? Obviously this is a pressing issue, because engineers have put their minds to the task and created the WOODEN BALL POINT PEN.



From the store’s website:

Love the feel of a wooden pencil but need something a little more permanent? Then these Wooden Ball Point Pens are for you! Zounds, they even smell like pencils! Perfectly sized for easy gripping, each pen is medium point with blue ink and is retractable.

Each pen(cil) costs only $2.49 and is well worth it, if only as an investment in websites that use the word “zounds.”

Daily JPG 168

It is difficult to get a decent photograph of d’Artagnan – he just refuses to sit still!

I really like this picture, even if it is out of focus. It would have been in focus, but when he batted at the camera it confused its auto-focus function. Of course, the camera-batting is what makes it interesting, so whatever. 🙂 Need an SLR for this kind of shot, I think.


The Haircut

This is a rather charming little six-minute short film. The website says

A barber welcomes a most unusual customer. The Haircut is a film about the thin line between vanity and delusion, and how the customer is always right.

and the commenters seem to think that there’s a mental illness issue at stake, but I “read” it somewhat differently.

It seems to me that the customer is fully aware of the reality of the situation, which led me to wonder if perhaps he was supposed to have lost his hair through some illness – making the film more about nostalgia than vanity. What do you think?