Daily JPG 91

kitty feet

I loves me some kitty feet.

But for a pane of (hopefully very heavy-duty) glass, I could have rested my head on this guy’s back. He was pressed up against the viewing wall enjoying something – the coolness of the glass, the idolatry of passing children, his moment in the paparazzi sun….

Daily JPG 85

Ryan and I came across this interesting vehicle the other day. If you were to zoom out of this image, you’d see a pickup with a handcrafted wooden “camper shell,” upon which the appealing (and, dare I say, exclusive to the American West) automotive ornament was affixed.


Of course, my initial reaction was “only in Idaho.” Upon further investigation, however, we discovered that the vehicle had Alaska license plates. So there you have it – proof that there are weirder people than my neighbors! 🙂

Daily JPG 82

Today we drove to Nampa and waited in line for two hours for the chance to see and hold little baby bear cubs from Yellowstone Bear World. It was really pretty darn special. I’ve always had a very soft spot for bears, and to actually hold a cub – wow. I don’t have any pictures of myself just yet (need to pilfer other peoples’ cameras) but in the meantime, I’ll share this rather-cute photo of a boy and his grandmother catching a glimpse of a cub as it was being traded out after a long half hour of cuddling and posing.


Incidentally, I’ve found the place where I’d like to get a summer job. 🙂