Daily JPG 81


I found this photo at the HubbleSite. This is what they said about it:

In this unusual image, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures a rare view of the celestial equivalent of a geode — a gas cavity carved by the stellar wind and intense ultraviolet radiation from a hot young star. Real geodes are baseball-sized, hollow rocks that start out as bubbles in volcanic or sedimentary rock. Only when these inconspicuous round rocks are split in half by a geologist, do we get a chance to appreciate the inside of the rock cavity that is lined with crystals. In the case of Hubble’s 35 light-year diameter “celestial geode” the transparency of its bubble-like cavity of interstellar gas and dust reveals the treasures of its interior.

Daily JPG 74


In Hyde Park there is this crazy little used book store, with the stacks of books piled so high and so haphazardly that I’m convinced someone is going to die in a bookvalanche some day. You feel utterly disoriented and displaced in this shop. I took this picture of one tower of unorganized books by setting my camera on the floor and aiming upward.