Photographic Evidence

[Backposted]Here are the ultrasound photos from our 6 week emergency visit (sorry for the glare; I didn’t have a good scanner handy and couldn’t get a very good photo because the paper is so glossy).

I wish I could show you video of the little proto-heart pulsing… Miracles. Absolute frigging miracles.

Ultrasound - 6 Weeks

I think s/he has R’s nose. (For those of you unschooled in early ultrasounds… the little pale ring inside the black blob is Baby. Black blob is Babyville, and all of the fuzzy white stuff around it is… well, probably too much pasta and fried cheese. ;))


Here’s a closeup of a fuzzy white blob:

Ultrasound Closeup (6 weeks)

Currently 1/3 of a centimeter long. Clearly destined for a career in the NBA.


This is a dumb way to go about things: Carry about a half dozen different posts about the things going on in your life, allowing them to percolate, adding to them until they’re so big and unwieldy that your brain freezes up and you can’t write any of them.

I guess I’m just going to limit myself to an announcement/bookmark in my blog. The HUGE thing is that Ryan is finally a full-time social studies teacher! He’ll be teaching world civilizations (by which they mean ANCIENT world civilizations: Mesopotamia, Ancient China, Greece, Rome, Mayans, Olmec, etc.) to sixth graders. He’s teaching at Lowell Scott Middle School, which is the school I taught at in my first year. I loved it and am so happy that he gets to teach — well, ANYWHERE, but especially in such a great learning community.

It’s going to be a big “sea change” for Ryan (in terms of teaching and lifestyle) and for us (in terms of security, stress, and lifestyle). This is definitely a reboot of our lives. It’s as if we can breathe for the first time in years…. There is nothing good or fun about living under a black cloud for half a decade.

School started for me on Monday. I have an INSANE schedule — five different classes, if you count regular and Honors as two different classes, which they will be part of the time. That’s a lot of lesson planning and gear-shifting. Our district is in bad financial trouble so we have no money for photocopies, printing, or substitute teachers. That means if someone gets sick, we have to give up our prep period to go cover their class. We’re on a rotating schedule, and my name is near the top of the alphabet, so I’m already covering my first class today. It’s not so bad right now, because we’re mostly doing a lot of introductory stuff, but eventually it is going to be really tough for me to lose prep time when I have five different classes to juggle.

On top of that, I have Boise State Writing Project stuff coming up, and I’ve also taken on another big longterm project — it’s exciting, and definitely top-priority stuff. 🙂 I’ll share more about it after some more details come together…

Oh, did I mention that the air conditioning isn’t working in our school? Or rather, that it is unable to keep up with the large (and growing) numbers of people crammed into the building. The rooms start off just fine, but by the end of the day we’re in the 80s. Today, though, one of my friends already had 80 degrees in her classroom at 8:30 AM. I got to 81 yesterday; another friend got up to 87 on the first day of school. Makes it a little bit hard to learn, and I’ve been drenched in sweat at the end of each day. Blech!

So, uhm, yeah… end of post.