Bargain Hunting

Today has been one of those days in which nothing really went as planned. One of the unplanned things that happened was that we were driving down Franklin and saw a sign advertising a one-day used office furniture sale. We’re trying (or perhaps tried, as it seems to be a fruitless venture) to find a very specifically sized bookcase for our living room, so we decided to pop in and see if such an item were being sold for peanuts in the parking lot behind Michaels.

It wasn’t.

But! We found ourselves in a veritable smorgasbord of used desks and office chairs, priced to move like the audience after a three-hour movie toward the restrooms. Including this sexy beast:

What do you imagine such a chair might cost?

Twelve hundred dollars?

Maybe somewhere in the $800 range?

Let’s be reasonable. It is used, after all. Note the scuffed arms where some anonymous executive buffed his jacket sleeves. Maybe $200 would be more appropriate.

But no, friends (if I still have any friends reading this blog at this point). For the privilege of owning this chair, we paid a staggering total of seven dollars.

Yep. 🙂

And now I am going to sit in my (? – not sure which of us will get to use it; I have a nice office chair already, but this one is kind of stiff and I think it would be better for my back, if Ryan likes the other one okay… we’ll see) navy tufted leather office chair and get some work done so that I don’t look like a total schmuck at my meeting tomorrow.

Not Blogging

Usually, my summers are punctuated by an enthusiastic return to blogging. Not so this year. Instead of blogging, I’ve been moving…

We’re in the new house, but we’re not out of the old house yet, which is all kinds of not-fun. This is the short version blog entry, so I’ll save details for later, but basically what we’ve got now is that the new place is screaming to me to begin getting everything into the right places and unpacked, but we can’t do that until we’ve gotten everything out of the old place. And there’s a deadline on that, so we can’t take turns or anything. Bleh.

Also, I’d really like to get my pics from Colorado and the move off of my cameras and onto teh intranetz.They do precious little good sitting on a memory card.

Today, though, I have TASKS.

They are:

#1: Go to Euclid and get as much done in the last bastions of mess and junk as possible before succumbing to weariness

#2: Get my butt, brain, and notes in gear for a meeting at school tomorrow.

I also, coincidentally, have COLD SORES.

They are:

#1: Hard and painful, located on the right corner of my lower lip

#2: Small and unobtrusive, located on the left corner of my upper lip

You read that right, ladies and germs: the perfect combination of cold sores to prevent any and all consumption of solids! Fortunately, #2 seems to be retreating under the onslaught of topical ointments, so maybe I’ll survive. I don’t think I’ve had two at the same time since middle school. It’s not as if anything stressful happened to me about a week ago or anything. (YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU, LAST DAY OF COLORADO TRIP).