Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Dear Ryan,

It is your birthday, and

so I baked you a cake. Here you go:

Love you bunches. 🙂 I hope you have a good birthday!




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ryan!

  1. Yes, that cake is the best! When we were kids, my sisters and I cooked a “special” dinner for our parents, a la “The Parent Trap”. I wrote out the menu for their table, and I misspelled dessert as desert – “Surprise Desert”, it said. My mom pointed out the mistake and made fun of me, oh yes she did! So before we served the desert, which was some sort of ice cream pie concoction, I drew and cut out tiny cacti to stand atop each serving. Take that, Mom, aren’t you surprised to see this desert? I think I need to bake her this cake. If baking were within my realm of abilities. Maybe an ice cream pie.

    Come to think of it, I think I caught the childhood restaurateur bug from Ryan. That was one of his favorite things for us to play at my grandparents’ house. It was also Ryan who introduced me to The Parent Trap, and carefully explained to me that the same actress played both twins. I can still see him in front of the TV while the credits rolled, reading aloud in an emcee voice, “Starring Hayley Mills…ANNNNND…Hayley Mills!!!”

    Hmmmmm, tangent much, Lisa?

  2. Awesome how I misspelled dessert again there. I’m typing one-handed on an iPad, and going on about ten cumulative hours of sleep this week, so cut me some slack. 🙂

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