Curls and Scales

Cute Dog, Cute Tortoise, originally uploaded by Kate & Ryan.

Paisley seems a little concerned by her latest acquaintance, a wayward turtle found trekking across Kit & Wally’s front yard. “Myrtle” turned out to be a female Russian Tortoise (native of the Gobi Desert, NOT the southwestern Idaho desert), not quite full grown – a $120 pet that wandered off, either by accident or at the hands of a fed-up parent. A local reptile rescuer/rehabber fetched Myrtle and took her off to be treated for dehydration and some minor leg injuries.

Meanwhile, Paisley is still trying to decode the information she acquired after studiously sniffing Myrtle’s backside. I reckon she’ll be mulling that one over for a while… 🙂


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