I’m not sure what direction to take with my teaching blogging.

I feel strongly that, as a teacher, I should keep a journal. Being a reflective teacher is vital to being a good teacher, and my best reflection comes through writing.

As a teacher, I also feel that it is paramount to keep an anonymous journal. I don’t feel that I can really blog about my teaching experiences in any forum that could cause my students or school – or, honestly, myself – to be identified. I make an extremely weak attempt at protecting my identity on this blog, but I’d in no way consider it to be secure enough for my teaching ramblings.

Additionally, I discovered last year that my default setting was I HAVE NO TIME FOR A BLOG. I don’t think I ever posted anything on my teaching blog, and I went months without posting on this site. Of course, it was my first year teaching. That can be tough.

I’m trying to decide what to do. (And yes, for those of you in the know, I’m also putting my brain into stupid things like blogs for a few minutes because I don’t want to be a resident of my actual life right now. Some people hide in television or a video game; I hide in blogs. So sue me.)


  1. Post on this website, because one is surely more than enough. Put all teaching entries under password, that will be revealed to family and close friends. DRAWBACK: Can’t share with the online teaching community, which is a major reason for me to keep an edublog.
  2. Speaking of edublogs… start a new blog at, giving myself a fresh start (which seems to help a lot) and a clean slate. Additionally, edublogs tends to be accessible from behind school firewalls, whereas wordpress blogs are not. DRAWBACK: Lose my current edublog’s name, which is particularly important to me lately, but also particularly painful, so maybe I don’t mind if I lose it.
  3. Keep my current blog and try to bring it back to life after a very long dormant period.

Something to think about, anyway…


4 thoughts on “Direction

  1. how about

    1.5 – post on this journal, with password protection. But double post password protected to edublog once you’re certain that you’ve removed all identifiers.

    really, you’d be typing things once, and simply editing in the double post to ensure confidentiality.


  2. I was cruising Tag Surfer and thought I’d reply, but then I saw “In Which They Discriminate Against Redheads?!? in your Top Posts. A must read as I wrote a post called “Seeing Red” on and someone put a link to the Catherine Tate video on it. Way cool.

    I also walk a fine line when writing about teaching as I don’t want to reveal the identity of students or incur the wrath of admin or parents.

    I have a friend who writes lots of personal posts, but has decided that she wants to have a “more professional” persona to keep her multiple personalities separate.:) She’s started another blog on wordpress about her professional adventures so she can blog under her real name, while keeping personal details on another site. Just one of many possibilities.

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