Perhaps Not THE Single Most Attractive Thing You’ll See All Day

I am posting this for my own “scrapbook” and not because I have an overwhelming desire to show y’all the bizarre albino watermelon that has taken up residence under my belly button. To my future self and anyone who reads my blog even when I don’t post a link on FB: it’s shiny because I just put lotion on it and then used a flash to take a clear photo. That, or I suppose we could pretend I just got back from the gym and am “glistening.” That might be a fun thing to pretend.

Tiger Stripes

This morning I noticed that the stretch marks have expanded lower than they were before, into unphotographable territory. Some days they are more red than others; this morning is a “bad” one. (Quotation marks because I don’t really want to paint them as a negative thing; they just are and they really don’t bother me a bit. I’m just intrigued by them, especially since I can completely forget they’re there unless I make a point of trying to see them in front of a mirror.)

I think we could use this photo in an ad campaign to try to cut down on unprotected teen sex, though, don’t you? Juxtapose this sexy picture with a similarly-cropped shot of a teenage girl’s midriff? 🙂 “Hey look girls! This can be you!”

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