Weekly Reading Update – Week 8

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Reading Update: It is Tuesday, February 25, and as of today I have read 18 books toward my 2014 goal of 52.

In the past week, I read three books: Weekly Reading Week 8

Orange is the New Black is our book club selection for this month. It was a good read: thought-provoking and engaging without being especially taxing. I didn’t find it to be as hilarious as promised, but it was a pleasantly complex and forthright examination of a world I hope never to know any more personally than this. I liked the author and how she wrestled with and handled her identity as an educated, wealthy, privileged white woman in the prison community; my favorite part was the end (an addition to the paperback edition) where we learn what she did with her privilege to help those who helped her through her incarceration. My only complaint, if I can even call it that, is that I kept reaching for a plot arc that didn’t exist — and I blame Kerman. Her writing style kept teasing us with the next shoe to drop, except that it was a memoir and not a novel, and so things didn’t play out according to classical story structure. Not sure whether that’s fair to even mention, but there you have it.

This Star Won’t Go Out is the collected papers (journal, emails, etc.) of and about Esther Grace Earl, a Nerdfighter who didn’t inspire John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars but to whom the book was dedicated, for glaringly obvious reasons. So yeah, you’re basically stepping inside the mind and world of a young teenage girl who has by now died of cancer, and if you’re the sort of person who lets things like that get to you (like, ah-hem, me) then you’re going to spend a few hours pretending that you’re not crying. I’m not really 110% sure that this was a good book, but it was certainly a reflection of a good person, and I couldn’t put it down, so take that as you will. It’s certainly a loving and lasting legacy of a girl who never forgot to be awesome, and I’m proud of her and of her family and friends for making sure that her star doesn’t go out.

On a completely different note we have Zombie Baseball Beatdown, which I’ll be reviewing for GLW here in a few days, so stay tuned.

Currently Reading: I just finished ZBB last night and haven’t started anything new yet.

Looking Ahead: I’m currently carrying around These Broken Stars but I’m not exactly feeling inspired at this moment in time. The library just got in a box of graphic novels that are looking more my speed today, but that might be because I have a headache.