Virtual Shopping

For some reason, I’m having a really hard time organizing my thoughts into blog posts this summer, so instead of getting to read about the various fascinating things going on inside my head, you’re getting a heaping dose of “things I thought were adorable when I saw them on Zulily.” Hooray for window shopping! Just about as fun as real shopping and a lot easier on the bank account.

First off, how precious is this? Definitely a must-have for every one-year-old’s back-to-school wardrobe, don’t you think? [link]



In love with this sweet little t-shirt. I’ve seen camera shirts before but this is by far my favorite that I’ve seen. [link]


How completely sweet are these personalized wooden buttons? I’d have to figure out something I could sew to use them — or since they’re 2″ across, maybe they could just be keepsakes/playthings. [link]


What’s the best part of these pajamas? Is it that they’re superhero pjs? That they’re orange? Or is it that they have Daddy’s initials on them? Would be pretty awesome when he’s big enough to understand. [link]


I’m fascinated by these magnetic wooden blocks. They cost a ruddy fortune but they seem like a really wonderful idea, don’t you think? [link]


A fair-isle-style sweater with robots. What’s not to love? I die. [link] (I’m also pretty crazy about the gray and blue version, gotta admit.)


Choo-choo pants. What’s not to love? [link]


I’m a complete sucker for hoodies with critter ears. [link]


I love this bear so much that I’m pretty sure this is at least the second time I’ve shared it. I love the texture of it (baby crack!) and the facial expression and the cute color (H’s favorite word right now is “blue”). Kind of pricey but hey, imaginary money, right? [link]


H has a tool belt and a workbench, so he probably needs this, don’t you think? Just wish it were a t-shirt instead of a onesie, though. [link]


More fantastic onesies that I wish were t-shirts: his favorite song, his parents’ favorite way to respond to essay questions, and awesomeness. [link]


And finally, come next Halloween, H’s Daddy is going to need a Halloween costume, don’t you think? [link]



Okay, I’d better return to the real world now. And yes, I know there’s nothing on here for me (unless you count enjoying baby clothes “for me”) but that’s because everything I want right now is on Zillow, not Zulily…




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