Look at those curls. Is that just ridiculous or what?


I wondered what his hair was going to look like, even after he was born since we couldn’t really tell. Would it be red like mine? Near-black, like his daddy’s? Straight like Dad’s, or wavy-curly like mine?

Never really occurred to me that he might have hair the color of my dad’s hair, and that it would be pin straight in front and scrunch up into ringlets in the back. It’s like a textural mullet.

We’re going to have to trim it soon. Almost thirteen months old now, and hasn’t had a haircut. His bangs are getting in his eyes and if you stretch them out, his curls go below his earlobes. The curl, not the earlobe. I don’t think he’d like us to stretch those.

I wonder, if we had a couple helium balloons and some hairspray, if we could get his hair to do this?

not our baby

not our baby

Because awesome.



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