Reading Update #17

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Reading Update: Today is Monday, April 28. As of today I have read 40 books and am beginning to give serious consideration to the idea of increasing my 2014 goal. I’m a little surprised at how much time I’m having to read, and wondering if that will hold up once summer starts and carpooling ends!

Since last week, I read The Shadow Throne and The Dead Zone. I might would have read another book, but what would have been the chances of finding a third book with a rhyming title?


Like I said last week, I’m not going to talk about The Shadow Throne just yet because a full review is on its way.

The Dead Zone was really good, and I’m a little surprised that I hadn’t read it before — but grateful, because it was nice to read it now. It’s a shorter novel, and didn’t take any great effort to read, but definitely falls on the Good Books end of the Stephen King spectrum. The protagonist was one of my favorites that he’s written; the poor guy had a real live tragic hero storyline to navigate, and grappled with an incomprehensible decision in a very human way. The supporting characters all rang true, and the book’s premise was believable enough that I can’t in good conscience categorize The Dead Zone as horror. It falls more in the genres of science fiction and thriller. If there is horror in this book, it is the horror of a good man being put into a position where he must make the choice between sacrificing or saving himself. Definitely a recommendable book.

Currently Reading: After reading The Dead Zone I wondered what other King novels I had lying around unread. I can’t quite bring myself to finish the Dark Tower series right now (I’m right at the point where Susanna is going to have her baby, and I just dread what’s coming now that I’ve got a little one of my own) but I realized that I had an unread copy of Just After Sunset on my bookcase. I’ve read the first few stories and… well, it’s not the best. But I’ll probably finish it up. I’m also picking at Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil, which is interesting and readable, but it’s on a 14-day checkout from the library and my brain is too full of snot for nonfiction, so wish me luck on finishing it up in time.

Looking Ahead: I am still planning to read Made in the U.S.A. but I just haven’t been in a realistic fiction mood (probably because I have a cold). I’m also looking forward to reading the laughably titled Red, White, and Blood, which is the third book in Christopher Farnsworth’s Nathaniel Cade series. If you’re looking for a highly readable, cinema-ready series about a vampire who ends up on the POTUS’s Secret Service detail, then look no further.


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