Brief Notes on a Used Book Sale

Used book sale was an ungodly amount of work, and I can’t say that I’m displeased that it’s over and done with, but it was also a success. We collected well over 4,000 books, sold about 2,000 of them (or so we figure, given that we made about $1,000) and gave away a couple dozen to disadvantaged students.

We had a lot of people in the library, which was good. No one had had time to think about anything other than the sale, though, so we hadn’t updated our book display (still had valentines) and we forgot to turn on the LIB-TV. That’s not as good. But something to consider for the next one.

Ack. “Next one.” Shudder.

Supporting the notion that it is best to start children early on their road toward book-hoarding, H came down to the used book sale both days.

Henry visits the used book sale

Gah, I could just eat him up.

Anyway, we had a couple thousand leftover books, which we boxed up this morning with the help of the student council, and which are now residing in the school’s decommissioned boxcar until needed next year. Lots of great books left, so if you missed this year’s sale, make sure to pay attention for the next one. Shudder.



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