Monday! Reading!

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Reading Update: It is Monday, February 10. As of today, I’ve read thirteen books toward my goal of 52. Since last Monday, I’ve read Coaltown Jesus and The Night Circus. They were both pretty awesome in rather different ways.

17262298 Night Circus

Coaltown Jesus is a YA novel (novella? long short story?) told in verse. The protagonist is a young guy whose older brother recently died of a drug overdose, leaving him and his mom behind lurching in the wake. Jesus (yeah, that Jesus) suddenly appears in the boy’s room and helps him get his feet back underneath him through a combination of humor, love, gentle prodding, distraction, and infuriating non-answers. I think it would be a great book for anyone reeling from a loss, not to mention a terrific read for anyone interested in exploring God’s nature. Kind of a “What if God Was One Of Us” sort of situation, with fewer abuses of the subjunctive.

The Night Circus was sumptuous. It’s not often that a book gives me such a strong visual sense of its contents. I’m sure that the amount of detail in it worked better for some readers than others, but for me it struck the perfect balance: not so much that I was bogged down, but just enough that the circus and its inhabitants burst off the page into my imagination. I thought several times that this book would translate into a visually stunning movie (although I know the story would have to suffer) and it does appear that a movie is in early production. Definitely have to see that one. Thinking Moulin Rouge meets The Prestige with a bit of Big Fish thrown in.

Currently Reading: Over the weekend I picked up Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale, a paranormal romance, at a thrift store for fifty cents. Turns out it is #5 in a series, which may be the reason I’m finding it to be pretty uninspiring. I was in the mood for something kind of mindless, though, and it seemed like a probable suspect. Sadly, it may be TOO mindless. Oh well. Sometimes grabbing random books at thrift stores works, and sometimes not so much!

Looking Ahead: Depending on how orchestra goes tonight, I may start Orange is the New Black, or I may discard Faerie Tale in favor of one of two other used books I picked up (Kiss the Dead — the most recent paperback in my most guilty reading addiction — and The Stepsister Scheme), or I may not get any reading done at all. At any rate, I’ve got only a couple of weeks to read Orange as well as Zombie Baseball Beatdown, so there’s that. And I’m still picking at Dangerous Animals, of course.

BTW: If you don’t know what my graphic at the top of this post is, then you have a fun little bit of education coming. You’re welcome.

One thought on “Monday! Reading!

  1. I really liked “The Night Circus” too. I just started re-reading the whole Game of Thrones series. I might be insane… My hope is that by the time I finish the last installment, George R.R. Martin will be close to releasing the next book.

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