It’s Monday. What what what are you reading?


SGF Reading

Reading Update: It is Monday, February 3. As of today, I’ve read 11 books toward my goal of 52. Feeling a little iffy about the fact that a lot of them are under 40 pages each. Since last Monday, I’ve read the following books:


Yep; that’s three picture books, a graphic novel, and a YA romance. Then again, neither The Day the Crayons Quit nor This Moose Belongs to Me are really written “just for kids” (Stuck might be), and good GRIEF but War Brothers was a hard thing to read.

Let it Snow is a trio of interconnected novellas about teens finding (or realizing) love in the midst of a blizzard that shuts down their community at Christmastime. I picked it up to read ages ago and only made it part of the way through the first bit, then accidentally read it in basically one sitting last Friday. I guess I just had to be in the right frame of mind, but it was very charming and a nice little diversion. Kind of like taking a field trip to the nicer parts of one’s own (idealized) adolescence. This book would actually make a rather nice movie, I think….

Currently Reading: I’m at the same place I was last week. The Night Circus, The Book of Deadly Animals, and the pretense of Far from the Tree.

Looking Ahead: Same books on the to-read pile. Knowing me, I’ll get distracted again. In the next few weeks, though, I HAVE to read Zombie Baseball Beatdown (for GLW) and Orange is the New Black (book club). Looking forward to both.

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