Zulily Can Be Dangerous

When I had H, several friends told me that I had to sign up for Zulily, so I did. I’ve never purchased anything from their daily emails, and there are times when there isn’t a single thing that I’d even want to buy — but today was not one of those days. Holy cow, are there some cute things today. In lieu of buying them, I’m just going to put them on my blog and pretend that I did. 🙂 Seems like an excellent thing to do on my pumping break, don’t you think?

BTW, if you want to buy any of these things for your own cutie pie, you can click on the picture to go to the product page — but be forewarned that you need a (free) Zulily membership and that the deals only last a day or two.

Firstly, all of my friends who joke that I put too many pictures of H on Facebook will appreciate this onesie:


It is just as well that this pair of PJs is almost too small for H (it only goes up to a 12 month, and he already wears that size of PJs) and wildly expensive, because it’s exactly the sort of luxurious nonsense that I’d love to waste money on. Really? $70 for a pair of baby pajamas? What universe do some people live in?


H hates having things on his head, but he might just have to deal with this cute hat:


And then, once the weather warms up a bit, with these, because H is obviously going to be friends with Quinoa:


(Man, seriously, I’m imagining him in that brown hat and just dying. The cute!)

I love the way these fake dress-up onesies look. 🙂


Like this!


These two are silly but just tickle my funny bone. Alice in Wonderland reference, what?

crocodile boys

As long as we’re on the subject of green onesies, he’ll probably need something along these lines before long (but we’ll be able to find it in town, I’m sure):


Goodness, what a cute sweater:


We’re a big fan of superhero garb around these parts:

batman superman

And I kind of fell in love with this sweet, tactile green bear and the crinkly soft “lovey.”



Are we even entirely serious right now? A child-sized steel drum? Do you have any idea how much H would love that? ALL THE CRAZINESS.


These little leggings are totes adorbs and exactly what a little boy needs in this cold weather:



This is cute, too. It would suit him. Ha ha.


Ah, the ridiculousness! Good thing this one doesn’t come in a size large enough for me to waste money on. 🙂 It’s a tiny velour marching band uniform! Sorta!




He doesn’t need one of these yet, and when he does he’ll need a warmer one, but still. Cute.


And heck, that doesn’t even get into the things I’d like that aren’t necessary for my little buddy…





2 thoughts on “Zulily Can Be Dangerous

  1. since you have not made any zulily purchases, yet, I will let you in on the skinny they don’t tell you until you’re mostly done with the shopping cart.

    1) No returns.

    2) They don’t actually have any of these items in stock. They place an order with the manufacturer, and then the items are shipped directly to you. This means it may be a few weeks between placing your order and receiving your items, so if you need something for a specific event, make sure you leave yourself enough time.

    The steel drum is totally intended as a gift from an aunt or uncle. I’m positive no sane parent would ever order that for their toddler.

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