It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Monday Reading

Reading Update: It is Monday, January 13, and for once I’m actually remembering to do this before Tuesday! As of today, I have read 3 books toward my goal of 52 for the year (unless you count the eighty or so times I’ve “read” Hippo Goes Splash with my kidlet). I’ve added two lengthy tomes (The Musical Life of Gustav Mole and Sidney, Stella, and the Moon) to last week’s offerings:


Currently Reading: I’m still reading, and very much enjoying, The Night Circus. If I had a slow afternoon I’m pretty sure I could finish it up; tonight is orchestra rehearsal, which would ordinarily give me that time, but with this concert I never sit down so I probably won’t hit “The End” just yet. It’s such an interesting book, not the least of which because I can’t quite tell what sort of book it is or to whom I would recommend it. I mean, yeah, it’s a fantasy… but it isn’t. Pretty cool.

Yesterday I picked up another book and will probably have it on my “currently reading” list for a while, as it’s not only quite long (976 pages) but the sort of book that requires you to actually think while you read it. The book is Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon and it is fascinating so far.

Night Circus Far from the Tree

Looking Ahead: I am temporarily (this week) sidelining last week’s plan to read YA steampunk lit in order to pick out and read another YA book, as yet to be determined, to be reviewed for a special dealio — more about that later today, hopefully!


One thought on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I have about 15-20 minutes left in “The 100 Year Old Man…” and have enjoyed it. It took a while to really catch on to the pace, but I love how the writer picks up stuff that seem surreal in hindsight, but were pretty much unremarkable as it was happening to the main character. I’ve had things like that in my life where people have looked at me like I had the strangest thing in the world happen to me, and viewed through their eyes, I guess it was kind of unusual. I can relate! Not sure what I’ll latch on to after I am done with that, but I will make up my mind soon!

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