New Babies and the Waiting Game

As I write this, the little guy is doing the boogie in my belly. It’s so funny to watch my abdomen rocking and rolling… As much as I’m anticipating having some control over my own body again, I think I’ll probably miss this aspect of pregnancy.

On Thursday, I got to hold my friend B’s eight-day-old baby boy. Talk about extraordinary… and terrifying… It’s simultaneously very hard to believe that people start out so very small, and that there is such a big person inside me right now. I felt like neither he nor I really knew what we were doing; he wasn’t at all sure where his arm was supposed to go, and — probably complicated by the fact that I have no lap to speak of at the moment — I had the worst time finding a way to hold him that felt right.

What an extraordinary thing. So soft and tiny and new and uncertain. What a gift to get to spend a few minutes with him and realize that I’m going to have my own here, within the next few weeks…

My goodness.

That afternoon we had the 38-week doctor’s appointment. They had to redo the Strep Group B swab test due to a lab screw-up, and then checked to see how things were coming along. I’m at about 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Doc said that the softness and thinness of the cervix was much more in line with someone who had given birth before, although the dilation was typical for a first pregnancy. He also said that the head was pressing on the cervix (although he also said something that seemed to indicate that the baby isn’t completely dropped?) so I’m not really sure what those two pieces of information mean together.

We listened to the heartbeat; Ryan asked if I, too, knew that the heart rate was just above 120bpm before the doctor said so. I hadn’t been paying attention, but I know I could have — hooray for band babies. 🙂

Anyway, the doctor says that he can’t imagine we’ll be waiting three weeks (due date was two weeks from Thursday). I guess we’ll be meeting this little guy — and learning how to hold him — pretty darn soon!


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