Catching Up

I am a wee bit overdue for an update. I honestly just haven’t felt like writing or reading anything for the past few days. It was a loooong week at work, and my brain has just been sapped. (I haven’t opened the book I’m “currently reading” for weeks… so much for my plan to bulk up on reading before baby arrives.)

35 weeks pregnant

Well, as of today I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant… and I am feeling every minute of it. Boy howdy, they are not kidding when they say that these last weeks of pregnancy are uncomfortable! The little guy is getting heavier and I’m having more frequent abdominal discomfort — not contraction-type stuff, but just tendons and skin and whatnot getting a workout — and a lot more trouble with all that leg/hip/pelvis mechanism. I really don’t think he’s dropped, as the bump is still very high up against my chest, but things are certainly changing. I’m having a hard time walking very far, increased (and increasingly random) need for the bathroom, and more back pain. It’s getting more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, and I’m finally at a point where I actually need the recommended four pillows (head, back, under-belly, between-leg) to minimize aches and strains. I’m also beginning to see very mild ankle/foot swelling after a long day.

The most aggravating thing I’ve had in the past few days (possible TMI zone for the gentlemen) is that the girth of my belly — getting larger, and still up high — has exceeded the maximum length of my bra bands, causing painful pinching and chafing. I’m really sensitive to that sort of thing (yay team SD) so this has been a high-priority problem for me. I haven’t wanted to invest much in larger-banded underwear because I know that specific problem will go away when the baby drops (or, worst case, when baby arrives) but I found a nice stretchy nursing bra at Target, plus a package of bra extenders for only $7 that I hope get me through the next few weeks.

Aggravating in a different way? Hiccups. OMG, are prenatal hiccups (his, not mine) annoying!!! I mean, I’m glad they’re there, I’m glad I can feel the munchkin doing things. But these extended fits of hiccups could just about drive me crazy.

The other day I whined, half-seriously, that I was never going to be comfortable again nor get a good night’s sleep again. Then last night I got six hours of uninterrupted sleep, which was pretty awesome. I should take a moment to remind myself that I really have been enjoying being pregnant. I may not be able to remember that very much longer! 🙂

Anyway, at 35 weeks, Kermie is supposed to weigh about five and a half pounds and be 18-20 inches long. He doesn’t have much room to maneuver anymore, and in this particular case he isn’t really doing much in the way of kicking anymore, but he’s been stretching his legs out and pushing me in the side rather strongly. The little illustrations online and in books show that Kermie pretty much just looks like a baby now, putting on weight and all that good stuff.

I have several other posts that need writing: baby shower, stroller, maternity photography…. We’ll see if I get to those this weekend….


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Ha! I loved Arlo’s hiccups the first few times. He has them 3 times a day now, and they’re sooooo obnoxious. This pregnancy business is definitely uncomfortable, but you’re in the home stretch now! 🙂

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