Giving In (and also: 32!)

Part I: In Which I Give In and Get High

I caught this cold on Thursday, was pretty well laid-up all weekend, and am still fighting the lingering effects: a little cough, a lot of tiredness, and an exceptionally productive Snot Factory.

Yesterday afternoon, I started to catch myself yawning to pop my ears. I blew my nose at one point and heard crackling in my left ear for several minutes afterward. When I woke up this morning, the pressure in my ears was still there.

At that point, I realized that we had probably come to a point where stubbornness was running straight into stupidity. I had been refusing medication — even the doctor-recommended stuff that doesn’t cross the placenta — out of some desire to prove to myself that I could do it For The Baby. I’ve always been the sort of person to have an arsenal of OTC pain killers and allergy meds in her purse, so it’s been quite a shift for me — and it’s felt really good to know that I don’t have to be dependent on pills for every headache.

That said… I began to suspect that I could either take some Benadryl to clear up the congestion now, or I’d end up taking antibiotics for an ear/sinus infection later.

(I’m not at all prone to ear infections, even as a little kid, but then again, I’ve never let a bad head cold go completely untreated before, either.)

Reluctant to give in, I grabbed the children’s Benadryl that Ryan had gotten for me when I first got sick and stuck it in my purse. (I have a very low tolerance for certain medications, and have found that a single kid’s Benadryl — about a fourth of the usual adult dose — is completely adequate for me in almost every situation.) When I got to school I emailed my friend, the school nurse, and asked her advice. She agreed that I ought to treat the  small illness before it got bigger. Then I emailed Ryan, and he said the same thing.

caterpillarSo, at about 10 AM, I took my first non-vitamin pill in about eight months.

You would be astonished at how hard 12.5mg of diphenhydramine HCl can hit your system after an eight-month detox.


Remember — the recommended dose for an adult is 50mg. I took 12.5mg, and it is a damned good thing I don’t need to operate any heavy machinery anytime soon. Swimmy head, drowsiness, vocabulary loss, unwarranted amusement at unfunny things, general sense of benign benevolence toward the universe, vague sense that it would be pretty groovy to get down with a debate about multiverse theory in science fiction… I spent about five minutes trying to get Elliot’s attention in class before giving up and realizing, fifteen minutes later, that he wasn’t answering me because his name is Elijah… left the room twice only to find myself in the hall with no idea what I intended to do (answer: use the restroom)… the whole dopey nine yards. I haven’t been quite this high since I was about 16 and forgot that I shouldn’t take a full dose of sinus headache medication. Took both pills, and about halfway through a game of Rummy I forgot what numbers were.

I think I probably ought to eat something.

Part II: 32!

As previously mentioned, I’m not exactly in a very coherent state of mind right now… but I can’t forget to mention that yesterday I hit the 32-week mark, which means that little Pablo Ozymandias Baker is due to arrive via Stork Xpress in about eight weeks. If he’s following benchmarks, he’s getting close to weighing about four pounds and is fully stocked with fingernails, toenails, and hair — although, given his genes, he’s likely to be pretty bald when he arrives.

He is squirmy and has developed a trick of doing… something… that sort of tickles my insides. Maybe he’s wiggling his toes and fingers? Feels weird, whatever it is. He’s very active late in the evening, but these past couple of days he’s also wiggled around some in the morning when I get up. And I feel him off and on throughout the day as well.

I’m not going to try to report on how I feel because everything this week has been obscured by the cold and besides, guys, totally high right now.


I have some notion that these Alice in Wonderland guys are supposed to be, like, trippy or something. That, and I’ve always liked the Cheshire Cat, so, uhm, yeah, here he is.



2 thoughts on “Giving In (and also: 32!)

  1. It’s not your fault that Elliott’s parents named him wrong. 😉 I got hammered by a cold at 36 weeks and INTENSELY did not want to take the antibiotics that my doctor was trying to prescribe for me. My OB finally told me that I was going to need all my strength for labor & delivery, and to quit trying to be a hero and take the damned pills.

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