Sick and Tired

sickI woke up on Thursday morning with a sore, red spot in my throat that I initially thought was just from sleeping with my mouth open or something, but it didn’t get better — and by the end of the day, a hot icky feeling in my eyes told me that I almost certainly had a germ. Friday confirmed my brilliant diagnosis with more sore throat, a stuffy nose, and general ookiness. I went to work without any trouble, but was glad for a relatively easy day of teaching heavy on the video clips.

Then Friday evening hit. My nose turned into a total snot factory, and my throat kept hurting — both bad enough. I’d gag because of the phlegm, which would turn into coughing… and my stomach is so squished up in there that it would trigger my vomit reflex. Had several moments of first trimester flashback there last night.

But my body wasn’t content to leave it at that. I have a screwed-up left shoulder (fused scapula) that gives me trouble from time to time, and last night it decided to try out a new trick: pinched nerve. (Or at least that’s what I’m calling it; I’ve never had any sort of muscle pain like this before.) The pain oozed (“radiated” isn’t quite the right word for this sensation) from the scapula up my neck and down my arm. The only word I really have to describe the pain was “nauseating” — not that it hurt so bad that it made my stomach hurt, but that it literally felt like my shoulder was nauseated. If I moved the shoulder wrong, or turned that direction, toe-curling queasiness just rolled over me.

So here’s the dilemma: Lately, the only comfortable position for me to sleep has been on my left side, relatively flat, usually with a body pillow that I’m hugging and putting between my knees. With a badly congested/drippy nose, I need to be able to switch sides periodically to drain the “top” sinus (sorry if that’s TMI) and take some of the pressure off.

But with The World’s Crankiest Shoulder, not only could I not easily roll over — I couldn’t sleep on my left side at all. Finally I ended up on the sofa, propped up for my congestion, leaning slightly to the right so that the back of the sofa would support me and so that nothing was aggravating the shoulder… and just as it seemed like I might be able to fall asleep, my feet started up with the Harlem Shake: Restless Leg Syndrome Edition. OMG R U SERIOUS.

Ultimately, I caught little 45-80 minute chunks of sleep here and there until about 7 or so in the morning. Every time I woke up, my throat would be on fire because I couldn’t breathe through my nose. And of course, because I was swigging liquids to try to soothe my throat, and because I have a 3.5-pound infant sitting on my bladder, every time I woke up I had to pee. My nursemaids (of the furry variety) were hanging out with me and got all distraught every time I got up, which is how I ended up out in the front yard (with the dog) at about 2:30 in the morning watching the world turn white. Actually, it was turning orange, because of the color of the street lights and ambient city light reflecting on the snow, but yeah. Whatever.

By about seven, my nose had calmed down enough that I decided to go back upstairs and try some time on my neck-roll pillow, in the hopes that my shoulder would unkink itself. Thank goodness, I slept until 9ish, and then dozed off again for another couple of hours — and when I woke up, my shoulder had decided to stop making me sick(er than I already was).

Of course, the virus is still sticking around, so I’m in bed surrounded by a mountain of very-used kleenex, mugs of cider, and glasses of water, with relatively little voice. I’ve sent Ryan after some more kleenex, some hard candy, and saline spray; I’m skeptical about the latter, as I hate spraying things up my nose (and it’s not as if there isn’t enough liquid up there right now!) but everyone keeps saying it’s a good non-medical treatment for that particular symptom.

And yes, I’m still (stubbornly? stupidly? self-righteously?) refusing to take any Tylenol, Benadryl, Robitussin, or Mucinex. I confess that I came pretty close last night — so close that I was reading articles about Benadryl and pregnancy on my iPhone and wondering where some might be squirreled away — but I didn’t. I got through the night free of medication, and really hope that was the worst of it so that I don’t have to give in. (In honesty… if this gets worse, I’m going to have to cave.)

Worst of all, I had to cancel book club! Tonight was my night to host, and I was excited to invite everyone into my house for the first time. It’s going to be really tough to reschedule, too; I have orchestra concerts and childbirth classes next weekend, am out of the town the following weekend, and then we’re coming up against the March book club meeting. Sigh. Oh well — couldn’t be helped. I can’t possibly host, and no one wants to share these germs.

Feeling a little bored at this point, and tired of being in bed; the sheets are wrinkled, which drives me crazy. Maybe I’ll wrap up this post and relocate to the sofa… Get some sunlight (such as there is with the rain/snow we’ve got today) and a change of scenery.


One thought on “Sick and Tired

  1. Have you tried a neti pot? It’s gross, but it does help with the sinuses and is safe for pregnancy (just make sure you use filtered water, not right out of the tap). I’m sorry you’re sick and hurting–there’s just no worse time than late pregnancy for that.

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