Horizontal Stripes

It’s funny how one’s ideas about fashion can change.

Before Bump (BB): Horizontal stripes? Who can wear these things? They make me look as big as a barn!

After Bump (AB): Horizontal stripes? These make me look as big as a barn! Do they have them in any other colors?

* * *

BB: This is a cute t-shirt, but it fits waaay too close to the skin for my comfort. Shows every flaw and ounce of fat on my torso. Maybe I should get the next size up.

AB: This is a cute t-shirt, but it’s a little loose at the bottom… Maybe I could try a smaller size…

* * *

BB: I don’t wear t-shirts or tops made out of t-shirt knit to work.

AB: I don’t own any shirts that aren’t made out of t-shirt knit.

* * *

BB: It’s Friday! I can wear jeans to work!

AB: It’s Friday! I could wear (maternity) jeans to work… but my knit pants that look like dress slacks are so much more comfortable…

* * *

BB: It’s Friday, so I can wear jeans to work, but it’s work, so I’ll make sure to wear a nice top or at least something with a school logo on it to balance out the informality.

AB: It’s Friday. What’s clean and comfortable?

* * *

Speaking of uncomfortable jeans: After spending two days trying to keep my elastic-waist-style maternity pants from falling down (and wondering if I could find some suspenders somewhere), I decided to dig out my pair of full-panel jeans this morning and give them a shot. I’d shelved them earlier in the pregnancy because they wouldn’t stay up… but it appears that the bump has a sartorial purpose after all. Obviously I haven’t even left the house yet, but so far these are staying up much better.

3 thoughts on “Horizontal Stripes

    • I’m actually at a point where I like my tops better than I did before, because I really look pregnant and not just overweight… but I have real issues with pants (or socks, or bra straps, or whatever) not staying where they belong, so when my pants won’t stay up it DRIVES ME CRAZY. I’m really pleased with how well the full panel jeans are staying up, but I’m a little irritated because I don’t really have any other pairs of pants made this way at this point and I don’t want to buy any more, either…

    • And despite the fact that I really don’t think my legs or feet are swollen, my socks all seem too tight at the top. So I get really deep elastic-marks, that itch like crazy because I’m not shaving as often as I normally would. So I am definitely at the point in pregnancy where I despise every pair of socks I own… 🙂

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