I find it annoying that my preferred pregnancy app counts baby gestation milestones in weeks, but has belly diagrams in months. I don’t know if 28 weeks is “Month 6” or “Month 7”! Are they counting a month as being four weeks?

Regardless of which belly diagram I should be looking at, today I am 28 weeks pregnant: twelve-ish weeks to go! And I am very tired… it has been a loooong day, the sort of day that just never seems to end. Ornery students, meetings during prep period, more ornery students, meetings after school — you name it.

And if I feel tired, it’s nothing on how I look. All one can hope is that it doesn’t really show up too much in this terrible cell phone picture taken under florescent lights.


Hmm. Seems that may have been a bit much to ask. Particularly love the dumb look on my face, but I guess that’s what comes of timer photography. Also, my blue sweater is actually green, or more green than blue. And I actually do have some color in my hands… man, I hate those lights.

Maybe should have adjusted my skirt, too. Oh well.

I am too tired right now to say anything witty or exciting. Back later.


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