Baby’s First Snow Day

Last night, Winter Storm Gandolf (yes, spelled with an O, and yes, I’m serious) blew in over the mountains and turned out to be the White Blizzard. We — meaning every teacher in the valley, because seriously, no one loves a snow day like a stressed-out teacher — had been hoping that a miracle would happen and we’d get a snow day, but I don’t think anyone really believed it would happen.

I woke up this morning, checked my email and the local news app on my phone, and saw no closures. I put in my contacts, got dressed, did my hair and makeup… and then got The Text Message. You know the one. The one with awesome news, news so awesome that you wonder for a few minutes if it’s a prank. School was cancelled!

We waited and waited to find out if Ryan’s district would cancel school, but never heard anything. Every district and charter school in the entire valley seemed to have closed for the day, except the two big ones. Ryan was in the shower, and I’d gone out to warm up the car… and then, at the absolute eleventh hour, they cancelled school in his district too. (They waited so late that many teachers, and some kids, were already at school before the cancellation came in!)

Anyway, snow days are rare enough around here that we thought Kermie Lazerbeak Batman (will that fit on a credit card?) and I ought to commemorate the occasion.

snow day 1

snow day 2

snow day 3

(The snow was blowing down the front of my shirt in that last one! Brrrrr!)

Today, or maybe yesterday, depending on which calendar you believe, I hit 25 weeks. It is marginally (ha) difficult to imagine that the countdown clock is all the way down to 15 weeks. In less than four months, KLB will be, like, real. Really here. Wow.

Today was also our January doctor’s appointment. Because of the bad weather, they had several cancellations so we got to go in early in the afternoon instead of the last appointment of the day (our usual time slot because I can’t get out of school very easily). The nurse put me in Exam Room 7 — the one with the ultrasound machine — and because our OB likes playing with his fancy new machine, he decided to take a look even though today was supposed to be one of those ten-minute checkups. KLB still didn’t want to give us a very good look at his face, but we got to watch as he vigorously scratched his nose with his forearm, and that was pretty cool. Then he pulled one arm up as if to shield his face from a bright light, uncurled his fingers, and we got this picture:


That may not be very easy to interpret, so here it is again with labels:


See? He has fingers! And nostrils! And lips! Seriously. Wow.

Another thing that we did today was to engage in an epic quest to acquire a crib, because given a day off from work a pregnant lady’s thoughts are bound to turn toward nurseries. But I doubt that we’ll have another snow day tomorrow (here’s hoping, though!) and that’s a long story, so it’ll have to wait for now…


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