Before I begin this post, I have a question for you. Have you ever looked at some of the more luxurious pet beds and wished that they made one in human size? You know the ones — the kind that just create a big plushy nest for your dog or cat, curling around them like an upholstered hug?


Well, if so — join the club, and keep reading.

One hears many warnings and horror stories about trying to sleep while pregnant. Most of them center around the late weeks, when you’re trying to deal with basketball-belly, but I guess most women deal with insomnia, discomfort, leg cramps, and multiple nocturnal bathroom trips throughout their pregnancies. I have been relatively lucky, I reckon: no insomnia, and relatively little discomfort beyond some pretty obnoxious “twitchy foot syndrome.” (I’ve always had this off and on, but could throw a dose of Nyquil or a big dose of Advil at it to head it off before.)

That said, I did go from someone who could sleep blissfully for twelve hours straight to someone who woke up three or more times to visit the bathroom — and from someone who could generally get through her day to someone who needed a nap after work (and sometimes needed one during work!). I just sort of assumed that this went with the territory, even as I slid into the second trimester.

And then, lo and behold, my husband gave me a great Christmas present: the gift of a good night’s sleep.

snoogle body pillow

Pretty glamorous, huh?

Removed from its packaging, the Snoogle (and btw, this is not a sponsored post) uncoils into an elongated, asymmetrical C-shape. One curl of the C creates a pillow for your head, while the other goes between your legs, encouraging better spine/pelvis alignment. Depending on how you arrange it, you can either hug the body of the pillow or have it snuggled up against your back.

Beyond these two basic positions, you can also — oh, heck, see for yourself:

snoogle positions

Anyway, I lugged this formidable pillow into bed with me to see what it could do and why so many moms listed it as a pregnancy staple. I felt a little weird erecting a cushioned barricade between R and myself, so I set it up in what the sheet above called “Tummy Tuck,” facing the edge of the bed so I’d be on my left side.

And let me tell you something: ever since I met the Snoogle, my prenatal sleep has been revolutionized. How’s that for an unsolicited endorsement? I’ve slept for eight hours straight on several nights and have come to discover that I probably didn’t actually need to use the bathroom nearly as much as I thought I did — I was just waking up due to achiness, and my bladder became opportunistic. I wake up feeling better and more refreshed, and have even slept longer than my husband on mornings when we didn’t have to set an alarm! (This is unheard-of — he is a world class sleeper.) I rarely feel the need for a daytime nap, too, which could of course be the result of having some time off of work but seems to be pretty closely related to getting better nighttime sleep. I think the key is the bit of the pillow between the legs, which can be adjusted down by the ankles or above the knees, and doesn’t get lost, kicked off the bed, or entangled like a regular pillow does.

I haven’t had a lot of success with The Swirl, and I haven’t tried the other upright positions, but both sleeping positions are awesome. I can’t quite make myself stay on my left side throughout the night, even with the Snoogle, so I end up flipping back and forth. Although the pillow was a little stiff at first (making it not entirely comfortable under my neck for the first few nights) it has relaxed into a more malleable form now.

One of the funniest things has been how much my dog (a toy poodle) and cat like this thing. I guess there’s a reason that they make dog beds like this; Paisley keeps trying to tuck herself into it when I step away, and spends her nights as close to (read: on top of) me as she can now that I’m using the Snoogle. And d’Artagnan? Well, the other morning R found him wedged in between me and the pillow, body completely hidden, head and front paws resting on my belly, purring away. The weather has been very cold this past week, and between that and the introduction of the Snoogle (and, I daresay, my decreased tossings and turnings) has apparently turned the bed into a Dog and Cat Paradise.

If you are pregnant, or have achy pains for other reasons (arthritis, etc.), I highly recommend this or a similar product. It’s not the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy, but it’s less expensive than a single hour’s massage and a whole heck of a lot cheaper than a new mattress. You can get them online, at baby stores like Babys Я Us, or in the maternity section of stores like Burlington. Neighborhood of $50. Sweet dreams!


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