Three Really Nice Things

  1. Yesterday was the rehearsal and dinner for my sister’s wedding, and tomorrow is the wedding! I hope it wasn’t a faux pas to wear white (or rather, oatmeal) to the rehearsal — but since the bride was in black and pink, perhaps it all balances out. It’s going to be absolutely beautiful…

    Still Water Hollow

  2. Turns out that my insurance — which usually sucks green apples — will cover 100% of my breast pump and necessary pumping supplies! (Not sure if that includes bottles… probably not… but still. That’s a $300 purchase I don’t have to make!) Now I just need to figure out exactly what it is that I want and which of the “durable medical equipment” vendors I should use. Should have plenty of time for that.
  3. Last night, Kermie let his Dad feel him kickboxing. 🙂 I don’t even really know where to start on writing about this one; if you’ve been there, you know, and if you haven’t yet, I’m not sure I could describe it. But yeah. Pretty darn special.


Baby is getting pretty big! He’s a full pound now, I’m told, and taller than a Barbie doll. If you do a Google Image Search for “23 week fetus” you’ll find several photographs of babies actually born at this stage of their development, which I found simultaneously fascinating (really? he’s THAT big?) and disturbing, so I didn’t post them here.

Regardless, he’s big and strong enough that his little kicks and punches can, if you time it right and have your hand in the right place, feel them from the outside. And that’s pretty darn cool.


2 thoughts on “Three Really Nice Things

  1. Hooray for free pumps! Unsolicited advice: i recommend using Apria healthcare. After calling around, I discovered they provide the nicest pump. (Medela electric with a tote!) Norco would only pay for a middle of the road one without a bag. Apria orders it for you, and it comes in a week or so. All you need is a Dr.’s order, (which they can fax over) and then you sign on the dotted line when the pump arrives. Pretty slick! 🙂

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