Registering, and Other Baby Things (Including Thoughts on Names)

Starting with Names

About a week ago, I got a strong feeling about a name for Kermie.  It felt very “right” somehow, so I brought it up to R and we’ve been kind of “practicing” the name for a few days now. Of course, now that we’re using the name occasionally, I’m no longer sure. Choosing the right name seems like such a daunting task. I wish I could just know, that I wouldn’t have these doubts! I have a FB friend who is due shortly after we are; the day she found out that they were expecting a girl, she was able to start a photo album with her future daughter’s name — first and middle — attached. I think I must have brought this upon myself; years and years of thinking about names has not made this any easier! (Option overload, anyone?)

Anyway… we’re playing with this name. Trying it on for size. It might be a winner.

I think all of our FB friends would be surprised at how normal (even boring) the names are that we actually like… 🙂 Although, R is still pulling for Xerxes and I confess a fondness for Archimedes…


We decided to start registering for things and do it incrementally, giving ourselves time to research and change our minds before “crunch time.” I have a student who works at Babys Я Us who asked me to come in when she was on shift, so we went by and she started us up with a registry there. They told us to register for at least 100 items, so I’m guessing our 35ish items didn’t really impress them. Since then we’ve been editing it and trying to make sure we’re registering for the right things. (Bottles are my current quandary; surprisingly complicated!)

dinolampI fell in love with a baby swing. I think I’ll blame nesting or something; otherwise I can’t really explain this crazy attachment I’ve made to this overpriced gadget. It has sheepies and stars and plushiness and is so darn cute and soft and baby. I’m led to understand that a baby swing is a pretty essential thingamabob if Mom ever wants to take a shower or cook a Hot Pocket; of course, you can pick them up for under $30 at consignment shops. But this one is somehow special. Don’t ask me. We registered for it; can’t really imagine anyone spending that sort of money on us (or on — good grief — those pricey little breast pumps! wow!) but hey. Whatever. I’m in love. 🙂

We appear to officially be going the Cretaceous/Jurassic nursery route, thanks in large part to the sheer adorableness of the lamp seen to the right. We’ve started looking at cribs and clearing out the nursery-to-be. The kiddo is already getting Christmas presents (lucky boy!) and I’m excited to put together his room. I do have to admit that I think the girl nursery stuff is a lot cuter. But R and I are both big dinogeeks and this nursery set is freaking adorable. (Crazy mama-to-be must confess that she is already planning a “big boy” room around another theme she loves… hopefully the big boy will be on board with it when the time comes around!)

Business of Being Born

Just found The Business of Being Born and its sequel on our Netflix. Watching it…


Little Lazerbeak (man, I bet those of you who are trying to keep track of these things wish we’d stop switching back and forth between silly nicknames, huh) took about a week off from being terribly active, but for the past several days he’s been pretty noticeable in there. In fact, I honestly think that his kicks are occasionally strong enough that R ought to be able to feel them, if we could just get the timing right. Of course, it’s hard to tell whether I’m actually feeling the kick on the outside, or if I just think I am.

His movement patterns are changing somewhat, too; he’s definitely only really moving when I am sitting still (and it is sitting, not lying down; I rarely feel him when fully reclined) but he’s gone from a late afternoon mover to a “whenever Mom stops wandering around” mover. I’ve noticed him reacting to certain kinds of music on the radio, and have decided that he’s hearing music with a strong bassline (i.e., dance/club type music) more clearly than other kinds. It’s kind of funny, actually.


One thought on “Registering, and Other Baby Things (Including Thoughts on Names)

  1. The name you ultimately choose really doesn’t have to be perfect (odds are good he will alternately love and hate it himself). My parents had my name picked out months in advance: Erica Lee. Then I was born and the realized they were pretty much sick of that name, and thus began the tradition of naming the kids in my family with K names.

    Another example would be our cat, Hayate. Ryan and I couldn’t agree on a name to save our lives (I still can’t believe he vetoed Tory Belleci!). In the end, we had this one particularly adorable photo of him where he looked like a proper baby butler, so we ended up naming him after a Super-Butler of sorts in a manga that we both read. We both kind of initially felt like we were “settling” on a name just so we would stop disagreeing over it, but after about 5 minutes it didn’t feel like a compromise anymore. It felt like his name, and it felt *right*.

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