S/He Likes to Move It, Move It

julisnSince November 28, I’ve been trying to pay careful attention to my innards in an attempt to differentiate random burbles from Baby’s flailing. In the past couple of days, it has become very clear that Things Be Moving Down There. Shenanigan is doing all of the things I’d read that s/he would do: taking a breather while I’m up and active, getting busy when I take a load off, reacting to sound and sometimes food.

Sound, in particular, seems to be a particular trigger. S/he becomes active when I listen to radio at loud volume in the car, to the point where I’ve kind of stopped doing it because I’m unsure whether it’s dancing or cringing away from the speakers. (I kid; it’s a baby. I know it doesn’t like the loud noises.)

Yesterday afternoon, I was at a musical and one of the songs was performed by a female vocalist who was over-miked. It made me cringe, and man oh man did Shenanigan (dis)like it! We’re talking multiple barrel rolls here.

And then… last night, in the car… I am pretty darn sure that Junior kicked. It was a completely different sort of feeling: a focused little thwap instead of a gentle rolling feeling.

Right now, I am leaning back on the sofa with the laptop propped on my legs, watching an old episode of Elementary, and Kermie is doing calisthenics. I’m excited for the point when Ryan will be able to feel them; I keep putting my hand on my belly to see if I can feel anything, but if I can it’s so subtle that I don’t think anyone else would catch it.

It’s funny to think of all those gymnastics that we saw back in October, and realize that they’re not only still going on, but that I can perceive them now. We are almost at the halfway mark, and it is all starting to feel real and maybe just a little bit… not scary, exactly, but “whoa, everything is about to change a whole helluva lot around here.”


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