More Naming Shenanigans

We still have a few weeks before we find out the gender (unless we do as our friend E did, and go to a private ultrasound place for an early peek — congrats on expecting a son!) and so our talk about names still hasn’t gotten very serious. (Although a friend posted this article on my Facebook, and I was disappointed to see several of my favorites on the list! Not sure how much creedence to give it….)

There is a famous (for all the tastiest reasons) pizza joint in town called Flying Pie, and every day they pick a person’s name or occupation/hobby and put it up on their outside billboard. If it’s you up there, it’s “Your Day” and you can make your own free pizza. They keep a website, too, so that you can see if your name is coming up in the near future. Well, Ryan had the excellent idea of just waiting to see what the name of the day was when our baby was born, and naming him/her that! So, basically, if our baby were to be born on 11/23, s/he would be named Marley (which at least is fairly unisex). Born on 11/26, and he (hopefully) would be David. And if s/he were born on 11/28, s/he would get to go through life as Sing Opera Baker. I think the idea has promise….

I like Irish-y names, but not necessarily the challenging spelling-pronunciation mismatches. The other day, I had an epiphany. If you take the girl’s name Shannon (which is the Anglicized form of the Irish name, Seanán) and the boy’s name Flanagan (also Irish) and put them in a blender, you come up with the perfect baby name.

Shannon + Flanagan +  = Shenanigan Baker!!!


This is my new favorite. I am officially lobbying for this. Haters gonna hate.

In the meantime, Ryan and I have asked our students to offer their ideas. There have been many perfectly nice suggestions, which I’m tallying up, but there have also been many goofy/strange/wonderful/silly suggestions. And because we’re all Web 2.0 and stuff (do people still say “Web 2.0”?) I made a Tumblr of all the crazy things our students want us to name our baby. You really have to check this shiznit out.

Baby Name Suggestion Box!

Some of the wonderfulness you will encounter therein:

There are already several pages worth of fantasmic suggestions; I highly encourage you to take a look. (Let me know which your favorites are!)


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