November Checkup



We had a doctor’s appointment last Thursday and I completely forgot to write about it — oops. [EDITORIAL NOTE: I am back-dating this to the correct date.]

It was just one of the “show up once a month so we can kick the tires” sort of appointments. Naturally, both doctors had deliveries at about the time of the appointment, so we ended up with a really long wait for our five minutes. But it was worth the wait, because we finally got to hear the heartbeat!


Fetal heartbeats, by the way, go “whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh.” Not “ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum.” They also go 150 bpm and make your husband grin like a little kid for a couple of hours.


The doctor said that the heartbeat was just right, that my uterus was exactly where he would expect it to be, and that I should exercise and massage my legs when they get crampy. He very nicely did not comment on the fact that my legs — which I hadn’t anticipated being examined — were less than perfectly smooth and ladylike. (Which, of course, I know a doctor doesn’t care about. But I’ve always been self-conscious of that.)


As of November 15, I am 17 weeks pregnant. Batman Kermie is just about half an inch longer than my iPhone 4, which is EXTREMELY difficult for me to get my mind around. I haven’t really felt Junior yet, so even though my stomach is expanding, I’ve seen pictures, and heard the heartbeat, there’s a big mental break between the peppermint-striped exterior of my belly and the idea of a 5-inch-long baby doing gymnastics in there.

17 weeks diagramAfter the appointment, we went and checked out the new Whole Foods. That was a zoo… but we did get a tub of beet chips (sooooo good) and some cherry ginger juice (so good with nausea) and a peach-colored Christmas cactus. I love looking at all their pretty produce. But I don’t love looking at their prices or being run over in the aisles by enthusastic North End organic-foodophiles.

Well, I think that’s a wrap. I’ll try to do better about posting next time.

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