Kermie Batman Update

It occurs to me that I haven’t actually written about how I’m doing, pregnancy-wise, since November 2… Did I ever mention that I got into blogging because I was so bad about maintaining a regular journal?

This may end up being a little lengthy. I can’t imagine that you’re reading this stuff unless you really like me or are really bored, so I won’t bother apologizing for rambling. 🙂 I’m honestly just trying to record things for my own memory/records,

Anyway, I am 17 weeks pregnant, which means that there are about 160 days left before the party gets started.

Tummy, Part One

In just the past few days, I’ve noticed a shift in my appetite. Before, I was constantly HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF. Now, I’m finding that I have relatively little appetite — or perhaps, I’m just back to my normal appetite. I am not waking up hungry, and many mornings find that I struggle to actually eat breakfast. I think I need to find something new and “exciting” for breakfast… maybe fruit? I begin to get that hunger-heartburn feeling by 8:30, so I’ve been grazing at work. And then I’m hungry again for lunch, usually before actual lunchtime, but it’s not the same sort of “I’m going to be physically ill if I don’t eat RIGHT NOW” thing that I had during the first trimester. The biggest thing is that I’m not having any cravings or aversions — it’s just that nothing sounds particularly good. Nothing sounds awful, either. Honestly, if you ask me what I want to eat, the answer is going to be, “I want someone to decide, and put the food down in front of me.” The part of my brain that cares what I eat has gone dormant….

Tummy, Part Two

This morning, I was thinking about writing this update and was pleased to be able to write that my pukiness had apparently completely gone away. That’s about when I had a coughing fit (I’m getting over a head cold) that ended up with me crouched over the toilet doing deep-breathing exercises while my stomach and esophagus did war with each other. My digestive tract has apparently been reprogrammed to slam itself into reverse at the slightest provocation — not out of any sort of real nausea, but — I believe — because of overcrowding.

The Lower Half

It would appear that my pelvic bones have already started shifting around. My tailbone is exceptionally sore, to the point where I sit on a pillow at work and have a hard time getting comfortable on our sofa. I’ve had occasional pain in the front end as well, but noting noteworthy. The worst — and I do mean THE WORST — are my poor legs. (That’s me making a conscious decision to pity them rather than blame them for the situation; these appendages are pissing me off!) Twice, I’ve had severe pain in my left leg, focusing on the inner thigh muscles and knee. Well, for the past 36ish hours, I’ve had severe pain in the right leg, which has gone from the underside of my thigh up into the upper thigh and knee today. (We’re talking the sort of pain that makes you heavily limp and causes you to seriously reconsider anything that involves walking.) I’ve tried resting and elevating, and even tried a warm epsom salt bath, to no avail. Today I tried an ice pack and have found that it is actually helping!



Good to know, good to know… except now my ice pack is warm…


That sounds like a lot of complaining, so I’ll mention a nice thing. In the past few days, I’ve noticed that my complexion has changed — very slightly, maybe even imperceptibly. I won’t leave the house without face powder (and I use a kind of powder that is sort of a combo foundation/powder) but recently, I’ve noticed that I kind of look like I don’t really need it. Either this is that whole “you’re glowing!” phenomenon, or it’s just because we have new lightbulbs in the bathroom. 🙂  Regardless, I’ll take it.


It is a good thing that I am a fan of secondhand clothes, because if I were the sort of gal who couldn’t deal with thrift stores I’d be going naked for the next several months. Target has about three racks of clothes (“Overpriced,” “Inappropriate for Work,” and “Fashioned for Pregnant Teenagers”); J.C. Penney has stopped carrying maternity clothes; Motherhood is entirely overpriced. I hear a rumor that Gap sells mat clothes, but they’ll be even worse than Motherhood.

Fortunately, I live in an area that is heavily populated by populations that believe in heavily populating, and who also believe in donating unwanted clothes in good condition. And DOUBLY fortunately, I have a mom who is FULL OF AWESOME who has gone around to the better thrift stores and found me a beautiful wardrobe of like-new maternity clothes. Between what we found at thrift stores, a rare “good day” at Burlington, and a very fun trip to Shopko (cardigans and peasant blouses!) I now have:

  • a couple of pairs of jeans
  • slacks: khaki and gray
  • corduroy pants: brown and black
  • a bunch of sweaters
  • a bunch of cute blouses/tops
  • a couple of cute lightweight jackets

The thing that I still need is plain t-shirts. Many of the sweaters are cardigans, and I need lightweight little tops that will go under them. Might be a Target trip… or maybe Ross would have something…

ALTHOUGH! I discovered the other day that has a maternity section, with some very cute stuff. You have to order online, but shipping is only a dollar. (Per item, I assume.) And, of course, at Walmart prices. (Certainly Walmart quality, too, but hey, we’re not talking about investment pieces here.)

Tummy, Part Three

This brings me around to the external aspects of the belly.

I often wish that I had the sort of physique that would translate into “cute pregnant lady” — you know, the women who stay slender but have the lovely, well-defined bump. Several of my friends and coworkers fall into this category, as will my sister. I am of a different stock; good old-fashioned Irish/German peasant stock, I suppose (although a character in a book I’m reading described someone of my physique of being a warrior woman akin to Queen Maeve). I am larger of width and limb and imagine that I will probably simply grow outward in a general sort of way rather than developing the adorable basketball bump.

As of right now, I really just look like I’ve grown entirely too fond of pizza. I’m definitely “showing” but not in a recognizably pregnant sort of way. Proof of my expansion is that I have developed stretch marks in a nice little picket-fence pattern underneath my belly button; I invested in some body butter from The Body Shop (thank goodness for their less-perfumed offerings, like Olive and Vitamin E) and have been liberally slathering that on, not so much to eliminate the marks as to keep everything hydrated and elastic.

My kitty, d’Artagnan, has taken to insisting upon sleeping on said stomach. I suspect he can hear or feel something in there and is concerned… or perhaps it’s just warmer than the rest of me. He’s a fan of warm things this time of year. Both he and Paisley have finally gotten the memo about not stomping on poor Kermie Batman, which is a nice change.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, it is now time for me to stop typing because I have to get home, let Paisley out, and go to a doctor’s appointment. (Not an exciting one, although I hope this time I actually get to hear the little one.) Anxiously looking forward to early December, when we get to have our full ultrasound appointment; my friend B had hers yesterday, and now has a picture of her wee one waving to her!

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