Open to Suggestion

When my friend A — a middle-school teacher — was first pregnant, she put out a box for name suggestions and got some great (and funny) recommendations. I loved the idea and knew that one day I wanted to do it, too.

Well, today is the day!

Help Name Baby Baker!

If you’ve never wrapped a shoebox and its lid separately (this was my first go at it) then let me tell you that you would be astonished at how difficult it is. You can see that this isn’t exactly a Martha Stewart quality wrap-job.

There are two: One for me and one for Mr. Baker, whose kids have actually known longer than mine have! He has sixth graders, so I anticipate some cuteness from that direction.

I took mine and set it up in what I thought would be a fairly inconspicuous spot, right before my 4A class arrived.

Suggestion Box

Well, I guess it wasn’t very inconspicuous, because about five minutes into class I start getting some really funny looks from a handful of freshman boys who sit in that general part of the room, and then there was a mad rush (accompanied by very suspicious giggles) to the suggestion box. (I am at least half convinced that I now have a half dozen slips of paper in the box that say “Penis”…)

Finally, one boy — whose English isn’t 100% — just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Miss!” he called out.


“Are you going to get a baby?”

I tried my best to take his wording in stride, but I just couldn’t do it. Everyone was giggling. So I told him that yes, I was going to get a baby, that they were having a great sale on infants at Babys R Us that weekend. (He thought that was pretty funny.) And then, of course, I had to make an official announcement, because it turned out that none of the kids in 4A were tapped into the grapevine. They were super sweet; a few kids clapped, several congratulated me, one boy told me he thought it was weird to talk about babies at school, and another insisted on handing out papers for me.

(I asked the weirded-out kid if he hadn’t ever seen Dumbo, and what was so weird about a big bird bringing me a baby? It turns out that the difference between freshmen and sophomores is that sophomores would have just laughed, but freshmen all squawk and protest that “That’s not where babies come from!!!”)

They also all wanted to know if it were going to be a boy or a girl, and then wanted to tell me about various people they knew who had birthdays near my due date.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of (good, bad, and ugly) names they — and Ryan’s kids — offer up. And of course I’ll be sharing them. 🙂 Stay tuned!

One thought on “Open to Suggestion

  1. I can’t believe that he doesn’t think you should talk about babies at school! What about Health Class? We talk about babies, pregnancy and human growth! Blown away! 🙂

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