scale and tape measureIt’s official; I no longer have a waist.


Actually, I don’t mind my expanding belly or upward-creeping weight one bit. I’ll be happier when I’m discernably pregnant as opposed to apparently overweight, but every centimeter and every pound just means that things are progressing correctly and that this really is For Real.

That being said… I am no longer very fond of the scale. I started out on this journey weighing more than I should have (and more than, I think, most people would guess — for whatever reason, I never looked as heavy as I was) and am only getting heavier. It’s not that I dislike gaining weight; under the circumstances, I’m very happy to do so, and I’m eating healthy foods in appropriate quantities. No donut-gorges here. It’s just that I’ll soon pass a fairly unpleasant weight milestone, and that’s going to be… weird. Never anticipated weighing THAT much. 🙂

Speaking of food: A few days ago, I posted on Facebook about goofy eating habits and it led to predictions about Kermie’s gender and nationality:

Italian girl?

As my belly and its baby-growing innards grow and change shape, I’m experiencing a lot of aches and pains. Lately, it seems like I can’t blink without pulling a muscle in my stomach. Sneezing is fraught with danger. This week I’ve had vague ooky feelings — almost pre-cramps, if that makes sense — in my belly, presumably as my uterus expands. On top of that, I’m experiencing some lazy circulation in my legs, leading to twitchy feet and muscle cramps. For the past few months my legs have felt like they weigh a hundred pounds each, and to my disappointment that doesn’t seem to be improving.

But hey — it’s part of the deal. And like I said: signs of positive progress. For Real.

I’m inwardly the most neurotic mama-to-be ever. Once bitten, twice shy, I guess… I just can’t seem to trust that everything is going to work out. Some part of me just keeps wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. I’m at a point (now that I’m showing outward signs of pregnancy) where the fear is fading into something quieter, but still the Anxiety Train keeps chugging along. Makes the days between OB visits seem very long indeed. BUT! It is November, which means I get to have my monthly dose of technological reassurance in only 13 days.

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