This was a busy weekend in which, frankly, nothing went according to plan.

I knew that I was double-booked, at best, for much of the weekend. There were Meridian Symphony Orchestra concerts Friday and Saturday; I didn’t have to attend, but I really needed to, because it’s my orchestra and I already felt badly about not being there as a performer. (I had to miss the first several rehearsals because of the bleeding issue.)

I knew that Saturday wasn’t going to work, because of the DIII Marching Band Festival. So I figured, Friday will be the concert, Saturday will be DIII. I hated to miss the CHS football game on Friday, but what with general ookiness from pregnancy and increased ookiness from germs, I had already doubted that I’d be able to manage that.

Then I realized that my book club was meeting on Friday. I really love my book club “meetings” — fun people, fun conversations, good food, good books, and (when not pregnant) good wine. This time in particular, I had really been looking forward to it; we were having a costumed Halloween quasi-party and discussing a book, A Discovery of Witches, that I’d liked. And I knew that I might be one of the only ones who enjoyed it (seems like this group skews nonfiction/literary fiction, rather than genre fiction) so I felt like it was especially important that I be there as a “dissenting opinion.”

So, I was disappointed that I was going to have to miss the concert… but it was what it was.

And then I figured out that book club was on Saturday, not Friday. CRAP. Because, honestly, DIII could not be missed. 😦

So, on Friday I went to the concert. (It was really good. Too long, given the extremely uncomfortable seats. But really good.) And on Saturday I went to DIII. (Which was also really good; my school’s band won every award in their division, and there were a lot of entertaining shows.) And I didn’t go to the football game or book club, and I didn’t even watch the BSU game.

I did go to the Boise Public Library fall book sale, twice, and got some excellent books. I’m particularly pleased to have picked up four like-new copies of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a book club title I wanted to add to my contemporary literature lit circle options, for $6 total. I also found two sequels to The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, which was not a great book but was entertaining enough to make me think the sequels might be worthwhile winter break reading.

And today, I went to Still Water Hollow (where my sister will be getting married in a couple of months) to pet miniature horses and donkeys, drink hot cider, eat popcorn and soup, and admire all of the cute little kids in their cute little Halloween costumes. Which was, actually, according to plan.

Tomorrow is Monday and I feel exhausted. I think I need another weekend. Why, oh why, have I given myself a course schedule that utterly precludes me taking a sick day? 😛


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