Update: Fourteen Weeks

Today I’m at fourteen weeks, which means that Kermie is 35% loaded. 🙂

I feel quite a bit less exhausted, thank goodness, although I still need more sleep than I’m used to, and have very little stamina for physical activity. I’m finding that I get winded going up stairs and wonder if that’s because of blood re-allocation or because I was a lazy butt for the past couple of months. When I try to do more extended physical labor, like house cleaning, I find that I can only go for a short stretch of time before I need to sit down for a while to recover. My “progesterone poisoning” — which is a much better term than “morning sickness”; thanks, Vicki Iovine — has also improved but not entirely gone away. I’ll feel just fine for most of the day, but will abruptly find that I feel extremely NOT fine. When the grossness hits, it’s worse than it used to be and has to be immediately addressed. Anatomically, I’m noticing some changes in my shape — not what anyone would identify as a bump yet, but my pre-existing belly fat has a different profile to it, so to speak. My skin is dry and I’m still having bad itching on my legs, as evidenced now by the bruises and little cuts I’ve inadvertently inflicted upon my thighs and shins. And I know I’ve been saying this one for a while, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a bit of a cold. My nose is driving me crazy.

I have my next doctor’s appointment (just a quick check-up) on November 15. Then we have the 20-week full anatomical ultrasound (AKA the “pink or blue” appointment) on December 6. Seems like good timing to me. The receptionist liked it, too.

Last Saturday we made the pregnancy “Facebook official,” which means that some of my students now know. I was expecting that to escalate pretty quickly to ALL of my students knowing, but was surprised at how discrete and respectful my kids in-the-know have been. Since I’d more or less planned on letting the grapevine spread the news, I’m now back to the drawing board on how to let my students know. I would much prefer it to be organic, rather than making a big announcement, but at the same time, I’d like them to know before Christmas (and I probably won’t be obviously showing until after that time). I think I’m going to make up a “suggestion box” for baby names — something I’ve always thought would be fun — and put it out, and see if that clues them in. (I think it’s funny that R’s kids knew before mine did — through no fault of his own! I hope he puts out a suggestion box, too; I think name ideas from 11-year-olds would be delightful.)

I really need to get on top of some things (specifically: dentist appointment, maternity ward tours, enroll in classes).

In conclusion: a baby tapir from the Denver Zoo.

baby tapir born at the Denver Zoo


One thought on “Update: Fourteen Weeks

  1. YEIIIIIIIIIII let me tell you. The winding will get worse and the need for recovery will increase, but hey, the miracle is finally here and as I commented the other time, ANYTHING is a small price to pay. You will know that when you get to ease a pain or stop a crying from baby Kermit, ANYTHING is worth his/her happiness. I am SO happy for you guys! THANKS GOD FOR LETTING THE MIRACLE SPREAD! (so to speak)

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