Really Big News!!

This is a big year in the Baker household. Not only did Ryan become a full-time social studies teacher, but in about six months he will be becoming something else altogether.

Nice pocket square there, buddy

Yep, that’s right… in late April, Paisley is expecting what she thinks may be another puppy to join the household.

Coming Soon


Admittedly, this has been a little bit of an “open secret,” but this week we are in our second trimester and had a great doctor’s appointment, so we decided we were ready to really go public. We are so excited, and feeling so blessed. This has been a long journey; we waited longer than we wanted to because of employment and insurance, and then didn’t have a lot of success at first. We tried some infertility treatments and, of course, had a heartbreaking miscarriage last December.  Now that we are having our second chance, it — well, it’s just amazing. Immeasurable amounts of joy and worry and anticipation.

We are due April 25, which is just about the most perfect timing you can ask for as a teacher in terms of figuring out maternity leave.

I’ve been blogging about the early pregnancy under a password for about a month, and have now removed the password protection so that interested parties can catch up on the back story. Some of the more interesting (if you’re interested in that sort of thing) posts include:

First announcement

Early ultrasound (we had an early scare and so actually had two very early ultrasounds — second pics are here)

A silly post about funny baby names

Feeling gross (no graphic details)

Complaining about the blood test appointment (not for needlephobes)

Freaking out in the middle of the night 🙂

The extremely cool 12-week appointment and ultrasound

Baby Baker gets a special present

There are several other posts as well; I just thought these were the “highlights.”

We’ve got a lot to do, a lot to figure out, a lot to plan, between now and April. We hope to find out whether it’s a pink hat baby or a blue hat baby in December. I’ve already talked to HR about maternity leave, but we haven’t toured delivery room/center options yet. (I think I know which way we’re leaning, but I want to take some tours and have some conversations first.) It’s apparently about time to book some classes, so I need to look into that. We also have quite a bit of work around the house to do in preparation for setting up a nursery. But it’s all such good stuff…

A huge thank you and long-distance hug to everyone who has been sending positive vibes/thoughts, prayers, and even care packages from Whole Foods 🙂 to us as we traveled this road. I know I already said it, but we are monumentally blessed.

If You’re My Facebook Friend…

Part of me worries a little bit about oversharing, but the majority of me is just so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness about this development in our lives that I can’t help but write about it. It’s not even that I am writing to other people; I’m just writing. Still, I don’t want to be “that guy.”

What I’ve decided to do is that I’m going to continue writing anything I want to write here on my website, because heck, it’s my little corner of the internet and if I want to be a gushy mama-to-be on DYHJ then I think that’s just fine. 🙂 If you like reading my blog regardless of topic, I hope that you subscribe (I’m a big fan of using Google Reader, but you can also subscribe via WordPress if you’re a WP user, or you can use something like Feedburner to have posts emailed to you) and I really hope you comment from time to time. You know how it felt to get a sticker on your test when you were in second grade? That’s what getting a comment feels like to a blogger. 🙂

On Facebook, I have been maintaining a friend list for people who knew about our journey to parenthood — a very small list. On that list, I’ve been posting links to this blog to let people know when I’ve published a baby-related post. If you’d like to be a part of that list, I’m opening it up to anyone who is interested — just leave me a comment on my FB or on this post, and I’ll add you to the list. Basically all that means is that you’ll see a notice in my newsfeed when I post something baby-related here, and you might see a few more pregnancy/baby posts than my average FB friend. (That being said — if you’re on my list and would to stop seeing links to baby blogging, please just let me know!)

Off of that list, I’m going to stop censoring myself from mentioning the pregnancy. I don’t intend to be posting a ton of pregnancy/baby stuff — for one thing, I have students who are my FB friends and I don’t necessarily want to talk about it too much to them — but there will be occasional posts. And if I write something here that I think all of my friends might like to see, I’ll share it on my general FB.

So, I guess you can sort of opt in to oversharing…? 🙂 And the flip side to that is that I’m happy to answer or talk about just about anything over here, so have at it!


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