Monkey Butt

I meant to write about this a few days ago and then the week got away with me!

After our big twelve-week appointment, I went to school and B came to see me carrying a benign purple gift bag. She said that she wanted to mark the occasion of our happy news — knowing how anxious I was that everything be going all right — and so she bought Baby Baker a present.

Fuzzy monkey outfit

"Monkey butt" detail

Look at the monkey on the butt! So cute…

It’s itty bitty and fuzzy-soft and so cute and I’m not gonna lie — I got something in both my eyes when I pulled it out of the bag. (And I’m pretty sure Ryan did, too, when I let him “unwrap” it later.) It’s funny how a little pair of jammies can really drive it home that there is going to be a Little in our hands in only a few short months.

So thank you, B! I don’t know if you knew how much that little purple gift bag meant to us, so I wanted the world to know. 🙂


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