Muppet Trouble and Other Non-News

Hooooo boy. Mama Kate is about ready for a few days without students. B, who teaches down the hall from me, and I are blaming our recent crankiness at students on pregnancy hormones, but honestly? Some of these kids are acting dreadfully! And really, it is a rare sort of punishment to schedule any freshman class last period, especially when that’s going to end up falling on the last hour before a three-day weekend. Tomorrow is a Teacher Work Day (no students) because it’s end of term, and while I haven’t got much in the way of grading to complete, I’m very glad to have a little bit of time to catch my breath, decompress, and straighten up my room a bit. (Just realized I still have Odyssey stuff up on my walls… yikes.)

Well… a few updates, shall we?

Naughty Kermie

Baby KermitKermie Batman has been causing Mama some trouble this week.

Morning sickness? In the first trimester? Ha ha. At 9:30 last night I threw up so hard that I thought my head was going to explode. And this morning, I’ve got a burst vessel mask of red freckles all around my eyes. Powder doesn’t really cover them up, either. If you vomit so hard that you burst blood vessels in your face, do those go away? Or is my complexion permanently changed? Blah.

So yeah, anyway, burned my throat and strained my neck muscles, and turned my face red for… oh, 18 hours and counting…

I (jokingly) figure it might be punishment for child abandonment. A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I basically forgot that I had had a baby, and just left it on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket — an ugly blanket! — for two days while R and I gallivanted around Manitou Springs, a little town near Colorado Springs. Brand new baby, completely forgotten. Got to love the pregnancy equivalent of the “Oops, I enrolled in a class and never went and tomorrow’s the final” nightmare!

Homecoming Week

I already shared pictures from Twin Day, when the department dressed up as Robert Palmer and his backup “band,” and from Superhero Day.

Yesterday we had some fun for Western Day:

Santa Fe Style

English Department in Western Wear

Today is Spirit Day; I haven’t got a picture, but I’m wearing a CHS shirt over a yellow sweater, with maroon capris over yellow tights, and maroon shoes. All very colorful. At one point I had thought about doing something festive with my hair, but then last night happened, and I had very little energy for hair festivities this morning.

Sinking In

I’m still not 100% connecting the grainy ultrasound image with my belly. I figure, as I get bigger and begin to feel Kermie, this will become easier. In the meantime, I’m kind of trying to force myself to visualize, trying to make it become more real. I mean, seriously — whodathunk there’s a three-inch long kiddo in an anti-gravity chamber inside my stomach? (I keep thinking of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they drink the Fizzy Lifting Drinks, and Grandpa is doing somersaults and flips in midair.)


In two of my upper-division classes today, we did Literary Speed Dating so that the kids could do some turbo browsing and pick out their next books to read. I love this because it’s so much fun to watch the kids get excited about picking a book — even fighting over them and calling dibs. And I’m not talking an honors class, either, or a class full of readers. Even my reluctant readers get pretty worked up after a good Literary Speed Date. Today’s wasn’t great because I misjudged my time so they didn’t have as much time to browse, but my two-second book talks seemed to do the trick. Now I just have to take some time to figure out how to fairly and effectively distribute the books — hopefully there’s not a lot of overlap in interest, or if there is, maybe they’ll be titles I can find cheaply this weekend.

HR, FMLA, STDI, and Other Annoying Acronyms

Tomorrow morning I’m going to the district office to talk to the HR person (who takes two weeks to answer emails grumble grumble grumble) about how maternity leave works in our district. They are pretty careful not to put any of that into writing, which is of course awesome, but I think the deal is that I can take FMLA and use my short-term disability insurance to get a large (but not complete) portion of my paycheck while I’m out. I’d like to know whether I have to use up what little sick leave and personal days I have before STDI kicks in. I’d also like to know what in the sam hill is wrong with a system that doesn’t provide paid maternity leave for teachers, but I doubt HR is going to be able or willing to answer that. I suppose I should be happy that I’m eligible for any pay at all — if this were my first year in-district, I wouldn’t have any STDI to use.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is almost 4 PM and I would like to go home soon, so I am done with this post. 🙂


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