Heroic PJs

It is Homecoming Week, and today is Superhero Day, and this is what I am wearing to work:

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is a full-body, fleece, Superman union suit. Complete with detachable cape:

And optional glowing heroic aura:

I found a similar item on ThinkGeek and bemoaned on Facebook that I couldn’t possibly order Batman (dangnabbit! I keep typing Bathman, which is an entirely different superhero!) in time for today. Then my friend John came to the rescue by pointing out that they had the Superman suits at Fred Meyer. I went to two different stores hoping for Batman suits, but am ultimately pretty happy with Superman. (For one thing, it cost MUCH less than it did online. On the other hand, this is a man’s large and it barely fits on me — I’m really not at all sure how skinny they think the average size-large man is!)

My 3rd and 4th hour classes are in a computer lab on the far side of the school today, so I’ll have the distinct pleasure of crossing campus in my fleece Superhero pajama onesies. Yay! 🙂 I did bring a change of clothes (“the Black Widow on her day off,” if anyone asks — black slacks and a black t-shirt), which I wore on the way in because I didn’t really want to fill my gas tank in a Superman costume two weeks before Halloween. I figured the fleece might give me heat stroke, so I wanted an “out”…

I wish they hadn’t put Superhero Day on Monday; it’s a pretty accessible dress-up day, but people tend to forget to dress up on Mondays. Even though my first period was full of fun nerdy honors English kids, there were no full costumes and only a few superhero t-shirts. Of the teachers I’ve seen so far, several have dressed up; I’ve seen Captain America, the Pink Power Ranger, and a mysterious superheroine in metallic pink this morning.

I’m glad that many of my colleagues are getting into the spirit of it this year. I think it’s good for students to see their teachers being (occasionally) (ha, who am I kidding) silly and vulnerable. I think it’s good for the freshmen to see that while it may be dweeby to dress up for spirit days, that it’s at least a generally benign and acceptable sort of dweeby. I think it’s nice, in October when our tempers are a little short (and their behavior transgressions are a little more grievous than usual) to be able to relax a little and have a little fun.

And I’m also glad that, even though it’s Monday, Superhero Day fell on a B day. I’m not sure that I could have worn a costume this silly with one of my A day classes — some classes just can’t handle any relaxation of discipline. Which is too bad, but hey — my A days this week are Twins Day (which no one knows how to play in my department) and Spirit Day, so it’s a moot point. Not getting too silly with either of those.


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