Today I Am…

… in the second trimester!

…sick and tired of dysgeusia!

Most pregnant women expect morning sickness and backaches, but few have heard about dysgeusia, or the “bad taste problem.” This surprisingly common condition, likely caused by pregnancy hormones, can result in the absence of taste or altered taste, such as a metallic or bitter sensation…

Everything I eat or drink, except water, leaves this very bright lemony taste in my mouth — the same sort of taste you sometimes get if you drink milk on an empty stomach.  It’s not exactly gross or anything but it’s not what I’d call pleasant. According to the articles I’ve read, most people get a bitter taste that can be minimized by eating acidy things like pickles; I tried pickles, but that’s basically the same flavor that I’m already experiencing, it didn’t do much good.

…about to need a skin transplant for my legs!

My legs itch so bad. I’ve already bruised myself (in my sleep) scratching through my pants. I think I’m going to begin experimenting with some strange solutions… I’m thinking aloe gel, Vaseline, and napalm.



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