Today is September 25. If our projected due date is correct (which, yes, I know… it almost certainly is not) that means that in exactly 7 months (differing lengths of months notwithstanding) we will have a baby.


Did you know… on April 25 in the year 404 BC, the Peleponnesian War ended when Sparta defeated Athens? (Also… who here thinks they actually know the exact correct date that happened? Didn’t our Gregorian calendar come into being some time after this?)

On April 25, 1939, DC Comics debuted Batman. Now there’s a namesake for you. Tecumseh Batman Baker. Whatcha think, hon?

Some people who were born on April 25:

  • Renée Zellweger
  • Hank Azaria
  • Al Pacino
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Edward R. Murrow
  • Oliver Cromwell

April 25 is also the latest possible date for Easter. In 2013, Easter will be on March 31; it last fell on April 25th in 1943 and will not be on that date again until 2038, when Tecumseh Batman is 25 years old. The other day I learned about something called a golden birthday, which is when you turn the same age as your birthdate (so if you’re born on December 6, your 6th birthday is golden). If this kid is born on the 25th, his/her golden birthday will be on Easter. Fancy!

Also fancy: from April 25, there are 250 days left in the year. It’s like a magic date!

This has been a completely frivolous (perhaps even inane) post. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

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